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Finding a cost-effective path to net zero

Can organisations keep energy costs manageable without losing momentum on decarbonisation?

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Planning for the future has never felt more difficult. As uncertainty and volatility continue, some organisations are finding it hard to keep up momentum towards net zero because of today’s immediate cost pressures and unpredictability.

But leaders need to recognise that their economic and environmental goals do not have to conflict: net zero and cost efficiency still work together. Organisations that step off the path to net zero due to affordability are most likely to fall behind.

In our fourth year of surveying organisations about their energy plans, we delve into the steps organisations can take to pursue the twin goals of energy cost efficiency and sustainability. In this report, we explore:

  • Managing energy costs in a tough environment
  • Sustaining a strategic and efficient energy policy
  • Investing in energy cost efficiency and predictability

Download your copy of the report to learn how a business case for investment in decarbonisation can give you the efficiency and predictability you crave.

Discover how we're helping organisations pursue decarbonisation and cost efficiency

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