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Why volatility can put you on the path to net zero

Download our Executive Perspective for insights from Justin Jacober, Director at Centrica Business Solutions, on turning energy cost uncertainty into net zero opportunity.

Most organisations understand that they need to decarbonise and move towards becoming a more sustainable business . But many still don’t know how much they need to do, by when, or how. What are the right technologies to invest in? What needs to be done now, and what can wait until five years’ time? How should the supply chain be tackled? Is energy efficiency enough to make an impact on my carbon footprint? These are all questions that leaders around the world are asking themselves. There’s no handbook on how to get to net zero.

Just when leaders started to try and get their heads around how to tackle this, we entered an unprecedented time of disruption. From the global pandemic to rising gas prices, market volatility has shifted the focus of many leaders. They’ve not been thinking about how to do the right thing over the next 20 years towards their energy transition - they’ve been focused on doing the right thing over the next 20 days.

“Businesses will  have to decarbonise  eventually.  Why wait?”

- Justin Jacober, Director of Centrica Business Solutions and author of our Executive Perspective

Net zero as an investment, not a cost

But in this volatile environment, there are opportunities. It might feel like reaching net zero is the last of your concerns right now. But the right sustainability strategy could provide some protection against price increases, as well as reducing your carbon emissions. Moving toward net zero carbon isn’t just the right thing to do – it makes commercial sense.

Your future legacy starts with the commitments that you make today. But with so many critical decisions to be made, it can be hard to know where to begin. In this Executive Perspective, Justin Jacober - Director at Centrica Business Solutions - shares his thoughts about the steps you should take today to become more resilient to volatile markets, while also accelerating your journey to net zero. It begins here. It begins with you.

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Why wait to pursue net zero?
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