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Financing your energy ambitions Power your energy strategy with Centrica Business Solutions'
range of flexible commercial and financing options

Financing that suits your budget


Leverage the power of distributed energy with Centrica Business Solutions’ commercial options

Distributed energy solutions are now more accessible than ever thanks to Centrica Business Solutions’ flexible, transparent and simple-to-understand commercial options.

We are already helping thousands of organisations across the globe realise their energy ambitions, combining our long history of leadership in the energy industry with a strong balance sheet and the expertise to deliver for you.

We want our customers to be able extract the maximum value from their energy vision, without having to take capital away from core operational activities.
Jorge Pikunic, Managing Director Centrica Business Solutions

Our financing options include a range of innovative packages, including:

  • Discount Energy Purchase (DEP): for organisations looking to create energy independence with on-site generation using Centrica provided financing
  • Energy Services Agreement (ESA): for organisations looking for multi-technology and service energy solutions using Centrica or 3rd party supported finance; such as large CHP, batteries, boiler or boiler room works, LED and BMS, energy optimisation and efficiency services
  • Solar Power Purchase Agreement (SPPA): for organisations looking to power their business more sustainable on-site generation solutions using Centrica arranged financing

Whichever commercial option you choose, you can have the confidence you have the right partner to help your organisation leverage the power of energy to improve your organisations efficiency, enhance resilience and prepare for the future.

Create energy independence with on-site generation solutions at no capital cost using our DEP option

Our DEP financing option enables installation and operation of on-site generation at your site, with no upfront costs.

A direct agreement with Centrica, our simple and transparent six page contract comes with service fees tied to availability, including ongoing operation and maintenance for a period of 7-15 years. All you need to pay is a fixed p/kwh unit rate (with indexation) for the electricity generated across the lifetime of the asset, with unit rates set below the prevailing grid rates after accounting for increased gas consumption costs.

Transform your energy infrastructure, without diverting capital from operational priorities with our ESA option

Our ESA financing option helps you realised your energy ambitions. Upgrade or install new energy solutions across a single or multiple sites, all without the need for capital outlay.

Customers benefit from either a savings or availability guarantee as standard, depending on the type of energy solution that is deployed, paying a fixed unit rate or tariff (with indexation) across the lifetime of the asset.This creates a holistic energy solution package, including maintenance and support, that guarantees to deliver cost savings on day one, and into the future.

Power your business with sustainable on-site solar generation, without CAPEX spend

Our SPPA financing options enables your organisation to access sustainably generated electricity from on-site solar, using assets installed on your site.

Access immediate savings and reduce carbon emissions through a single energy solution. Design, installation, operation and maintenance are all delivered via a single contract with Centrica Business Solutions. Secure cost predictability over the lifetime of the asset through our fixed p/kW rate (up to 25 years), with funding sourced from one of our financing partners.

Alton Towers achieves 80% energy efficiency and cuts energy costs by 12% using ESA financing
Newcastle United delivers a great result, saving 390 tonnes of CO2 every year supported by DEP financing
Number of CHP units delivered using our DEP option

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