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British Gas orders 2k more all-electric Vivaro-e vans from Vauxhall

Centrica commits to electrify its 12,000 strong operational fleet by 2025, as part of its commitment to become a net zero organisation.

Centrica, owner of British Gas, has today announced a further commitment to electrify its commercial fleet, the third largest in the country, by 2025, accelerating our transition by five years and ahead of the 2030 deadline set by the Government. The new order from Vauxhall includes an additional 2,000 all-electric Vivaro-e vans from Vauxhall for its engineers, building 2020's order of 1,000 vans.

Combined, these orders represent the largest electric vehicle order for a commercial fleet in the UK, and all 3,000 electric vehicles will be on the road by 2022.

Everyone needs to act now to lower carbon emissions and help the UK reach net zero. We are leading from the front by not only lowering emissions for our customers and our communities, but by lowering our own emissions, and by increasing the speed at which we do this."
Chris O'Shea Chief Executive, Centrica

Switch your fleet to electric with us

Developed in conjunction with Centrica's own fleet managers, our EV Enablement for Fleets solution is designed to plan, support and deliver a seamless and cost-effective transition to electric.

Using solutions, software and services that sit around the charger, we can address the operational implications relating to evolving national infrastructure, range restrictions along preferred routes and accurate reimbursement of driver energy costs; simplifying the transition with an integrated system for vehicles, infrastructure, energy and optimisation.

  • Future-proof your EV strategy with an infrastructure growth plan delivers in the right place at the right price.
  • Deploy an integrated, driver friendly system for employees to charge at home, workplaces or public networks.
  • Ensure accurate reimbursement of driver energy costs with our in-house EV charging platform and app.


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