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Could net zero be a golden chance for Europe’s manufacturers?

Download your briefing paper to learn how sustainability investments can protect the manufacturing industry, combat energy price volatility and become more competitive.

Download your briefing paper

Manufacturers are at a tipping point. From raw materials and labour, to fuel, shipping, energy and more – costs are increasing across the board. It would be understandable if manufacturers were frustrated by the way this threatens their profitability – particularly when you consider the disruptions of the past two years.

At the same time, the manufacturing industry has challenging net zero goals to reach. Reducing carbon emissions isn’t just the right thing to do for the planet – it makes good commercial sense, at a time when consumers and retailers are choosing to buy from manufacturers who demonstrate strong green credentials.

How can you balance your financial and environmental demands? In our new briefing paper, we explore:

  • How more sustainably manufactured goods can provide a competitive edge
  • The decarbonisation projects that can give you greater price stability and resilience
  • The challenge of decarbonising heat within industrial manufacturing processes

Manufacturers that embrace sustainability have a golden opportunity to reduce the impact of energy price volatility and supply security. Complete the form to download your briefing paper to hear from your peers and learn about the practical steps you can take right now to grasp the opportunity.

Discover how we can help manufacturers balance financial and environmental demands.
Hear from sustainability leaders

Instead of seeing decarbonisation spending as a cost, the most progressive manufacturers see it as an investment in an energy supply that is not only secure, but also gives them the foundations for a sustainable future. Read our latest insights to hear from sustainability leaders who have found the ‘sweet spots’ where their financial and environmental ambitions not only co-exist, but actively feed into one another.

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