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5% of energy used at Toyota’s production plant now generated by solar

5% of the energy used at one of Toyota’s production plants is now generated by a solar PV installation.
PV modules installed
of the plant’s energy now powered by the sun
from commission to completion

They were looking for a greener solution

Toyota wanted a partner to create a turnkey project for the UK’s largest factory-connected solar PV installation. This was to help power their first European Model Sustainable Plant at Burnaston.

We completed the project in just four months

Following our commission, there was a change in the government Feed-in Tariffs (FiT) scheme for large-scale systems – a programme that promoted the uptake of renewable and low-carbon electricity generation technologies.

This change allowed us to significantly accelerate the project with installation and commissioning being completed in less than four months from project approval.

What we did

We were responsible for the full development of the site including environmental studies and planning support. During the 10-week construction programme we installed nearly:

  • 17,000 PV modules
  • 240 inverters
  • 140km of cabling and associated HV works

How it works

The electricity generated via the solar panels is sent via long cables to a power inverter where it’s converted from direct current (DC) to alternating current (AC).

It’s then ready to be used directly by the business, just like electricity that’s bought from a supplier.

The funding for the project

This was a funded project providing the project finance through a funding vehicle. Toyota receive all the electricity generated, and the funding vehicle takes any FiT revenue.

The results

The PV system is now providing 5% of Toyota’s site energy consumption, helping to cut costs and reduce the carbon footprint.

The installation has now been sold to Bluefield LLP, a specialist investor in UK renewable energy and solar PV.

Why choose Solar?

  • Generate your own electricity using energy from the sun – even on cloudy days
  • Cut your carbon footprint and demonstrate your corporate responsibility credentials
  • Lower electricity bills – solar can form part of an electricity generation plan for your business that means you buy less from a supplier
  • Create an income – a FiT can pay for energy you produce and let you sell any excess to the National Grid
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