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Finance your energy strategy with Discount Energy Purchase

Investing in onsite energy solutions with Discount Energy Purchase could help your organisation to lower your carbon emissions with no upfront costs

Today’s world is a difficult environment in which to manage your energy strategy. On the one hand, your organisation needs to decarbonise – and likely has carbon reduction plans in place, or is considering implementing them. 52% of businesses we surveyed said that investors and shareholders are more in favour of investing in renewable energy than ever before. So, it’s clear that taking steps towards a low carbon future is critical to your long-term performance.

On the other hand, economic pressure may have slowed your progress towards net zero. 46% of businesses we asked said that cost was currently more important to them than sustainability. With high costs and unpredictable overheads to contend with, investing capital into new energy solutions may not be your priority right now.

But with the right energy solutions, you don’t have to choose between reducing your carbon emissions and your energy costs. With solutions like CHP and Solar, it’s possible to make savings whilst transitioning away from fossil fuels. And, if you deploy these via flexible financing, you may not even need to invest capital upfront to get started.

One of these financing options is Discount Energy Purchase. Read on to find out how you could utilise this to install onsite energy solutions with no upfront costs.


What is Discount Energy Purchase?

Discount Energy Purchase is a Centrica Business Solutions in-house financing option for onsite energy generation solutions.

We’d design, install and directly fund your asset, with no upfront CAPEX investment required. Then, over the course of your 7-15 year contract, we’d also operate and maintain your solution – giving you peace of mind that it’s always working at its full potential.

You’d just pay an agreed p/kWh electricity unit rate over the course of your contract, in line with your agreement with us. Once increased gas consumption costs have been accounted for, your electricity unit rate would typically be set at a lower rate than grid power.

You’ll also have the option to procure an additional gas supply contract from British Gas (also part of Centrica plc) – helping you to simplify your energy portfolio even further.

And by investing through Discount Energy Purchase, you’ll be accessing funding directly through us. We’ll manage your solution end-to-end, so you won’t need to involve additional third parties or banks in funding or managing your asset. All this can help to keep your installation simple and straightforward.


Which solutions could you finance with Discount Energy Purchase?

All of our solutions can be provided through a financed solution like Discount Energy Purchase. This could include solutions like Combined Heat and Power (CHP), or Solar through a PPA.

Our contracts cover installations ranging anywhere between 100kW to 10MW+, giving you a huge range of flexibility in the scale of solution you could deploy.

What are the benefits of investing via Discount Energy Purchase?

By choosing Discount Energy Purchase, your organisation will gain several benefits:

  • No upfront capital expenditure required, subject to agreement
  • Immediate upfront savings versus awaiting a return on investment
  • Stabilise your budget with an agreed p/kWh electricity unit rate for 7-15 years, at a rate typically set lower than grid prices after accounting for increased gas consumption
  • Access funding through a direct agreement with us, reducing the need to involve additional banks or third parties in your solution
  • Lifetime Operations & Maintenance included in your contract, so you’ll know that your asset is always operating at its maximum potential
  • For an even simpler solution, choose an additional British Gas fuel supply contract for your asset


Speak to our experts about investing in your future through Discount Energy Purchase

If you’re interested in taking advantage of the benefits offered by Discount Energy Purchase, our team can help.

We have almost 40 years of experience with integrated energy solutions, and as part of Centrica plc, we’re proud to be a part of a 200+ year legacy of energy leadership. We’re experts in end-to-end energy solution management, and our team can support you at every step of your installation. To speak to our experts about financing your energy ambitions, fill out our simple form about your project.

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