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Powering commercial real estate

We enable commercial real estate organisations to reduce energy consumption, improve facility maintenance, minimise disruption and decarbonise.

Commercial real estate organisations have energy-consuming assets dispersed across a portfolio of buildings: maintaining them can be costly and time-consuming. Often, energy and site maintenance are connected tasks – energy assets are not only maintenance heavy, they are usually essential to tenants. A new energy approach is needed - one that helps manage costs, minimise disruption to tenants and improve efficiency.


of office building energy consumption is wasted due to poor energy management

Source: Energy Star


Commercial buildings’ share of UK CO2 emissions

Source: PIA Property Report


Commercial buildings’ share of UK total energy consumption

Source: PIA Property Report

Energy solutions for commercial real estate

We deliver integrated energy solutions across a variety of commercial real estate organisations, with specific focus on:

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Sports and Leisure

We have extensive experience in supporting sports and leisure organisations on their decarbonisation journey, providing integrated energy solutions to manage high energy-usage facilities and address increasing operational costs.

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Hotels and Hospitality

We partner with the hotels and hospitality sector to address expanding energy requirements at unique sites. We offer integrated energy solutions to manage costs and close margins, implement sustainability strategies, and move closer to energy independence.

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Tourist Attractions

We help tourist attractions to solve their energy challenges, helping them to decarbonise across a variety of diverse facilities, secure resilient energy supply to meet steady demand, and cut operational costs by implementing integrated energy solutions.

Financing options

Power your energy strategy with Centrica Business Solutions’ range of flexible commercial and financing options.

  • Energy Services Agreement (ESA) – finances the installation of multi-technology solutions
  • Discount Energy Purchase (DEP) – funds on-site generation assets; you pay a fixed p/kWh unit rate for the electricity you generated, inclusive of ongoing maintenance
  • Flexible Term Agreement (FTA) – enhances the flexibility of DEP with the ability to replace or return the unit after 3-5 years, helping you to adapt to changing circumstances
  • Optional Ownership Agreement (OOA) – expands the flexibility of our DEP option, enabling you to invest a level of capital expenditure to lower the fixed rate

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