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Global fashion retailer saved nearly £1M thanks to Energy Insights

A global fashion retailer has cut energy waste and saved nearly £1M thanks to Energy Insights.

potential annual savings
less energy use across six stores
projected annual savings across 60 stores

They wanted to make a statement

With over 400 stores in 50 countries, the company was keen to gain a better understanding of their energy consumption. Having that knowledge would help them cut costs, reduce their carbon footprint and better support their corporate sustainability pledge.

Creating savings, season after season

We set up our energy insights solution, Panoramic Power across six of their sites. This non-intrusive wireless technology uses self-powered sensors to monitor and report on live energy usage.

The real-time data was collected and crunched via a cloud-based analytics system. This gave us actionable insight by highlighting where the operation was inefficient, enabling us to minimise any risks.

We also integrated the data into the customer’s own building management system, so their energy and facility managers could monitor consumption levels at every location.

The results

Thanks to our smart technology and expert insight we helped reduced energy use by 15%, and saved the client £13,500 ($17,500).

As a result, our solution is now being rolled out across 60 stores in North America, Europe and Asia, with a projected annual saving of £910,000 ($1,200,000).

Why choose our energy insights solution, Panoramic Power?

It allows you to:

  • Cut costs and increase profitability with energy and operational efficiency
    Receive real-time energy waste alerts, optimised energy usage profiles, and benchmarking capabilities.
  • Optimise equipment to save operational costs
    Data-backed predictive maintenance identifies unforeseen problems and alerts of predicted failures in real-time, minimising wasted energy and highlighting hidden operational inefficiencies, or equipment failures.
  • Enhance brand reputation and sustainability with green data reporting
    Support corporate social responsibility, maximise ROI of green initiatives, and optimise sustainability programmes with detailed reports and actionable insights.
We realised a number of opportunities that has resulted in a 9% energy saving at our warehouse.”
Senior Compliance Manager, Global Fashion Retail Chain