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Diversify your income by leasing your land for a solar farm or battery storage asset. In return you'll gain a long-term, stable revenue stream for now and generations to come, while supporting the journey to net zero.

We’re committed to playing a leading part in shaping a net zero future. That's why we're developing, building, managing, and optimising a new portfolio of solar and battery storage assets to help to transform the UK and Ireland’s energy landscape. We’ll connect more businesses to zero-carbon solar energy; and use battery storage to help the grid manage the challenges of moving towards intermittent renewable energy generation. It's part of our plans to deliver around 1GW of flexible energy assets.

Looking to lease your land for a long-term, stable income?

Are you a landowner who’s interested in leasing 50+ acres of land for a solar farm or battery storage?

With a 200-year history of delivering major energy transformations, we are the right partner to deliver the energy project and provide you with a secure, predictable income. Tell us about your land by completing our simple form to get the conversation started. 

More than
85 MW
of grid-connected solar plants installed in the UK and Ireland
More than
50 MW
of battery storage installed in the UK and Ireland
More than
100 MW
of battery load under management in various international markets

What's in it for landowners?

We’re looking for locations for our solar and battery storage investments. If you’re a landowner that wants to join us in accelerating the low-carbon energy transition, we’d love to talk to you about a potential partnership. More than 50 acres of Grade 3-5 agricultural land plus a nearby grid connection could be the perfect location for a large-scale solar installation. Or, if you’ve got less space, a battery storage asset might be an ideal option. We’d also be happy to hear from developers who are keen to join forces with us through decarbonisation projects.
Access long-term, stable rent
  • Get a secure income from your land – You'll earn a market-based rate of revenue per acre of land, giving you predictable income for the long-term. Your land will continue to deliver financially, while also helping to shape the journey to net zero. 
  • We know how to get the most from your land We've been developing these types of energy assets for our customers for years. So we’re experts in building a bespoke solution that delivers maximum value. Rest assured that your land will be fully supporting the transition to a low-carbon future.
Keeping things on track
  • We’re a safe pair of hands – We have a 200-year history of investing in energy infrastructure. You can trust that we know what we’re doing.
  • We stick to the rules – We ensure our installations are safe, while enhancing the biodiversity of your land and making sure there’s zero environmental damage.  
  • We’ll keep things quick and simple – We have robust procedures, but we keep things streamlined so we can move quickly. We ask the right questions and keep our promises, to keep our projects on-track.
Creating a lasting partnership
  • Stewardship is a top priority – We know that it will be our duty to protect your land and ensure it’s always kept in good shape. We’ll be happy to take care of engagement with the local community, too.
  • We’re future-focused - We’re constantly evaluating new technologies, so we’ll make sure your land continually delivers maximum value as the net zero journey evolves.
  • It’s a long-term partnership – We’re a FTSE-100 listed business in a strong financial position, with a clear strategy to invest in energy assets over the long-term.
How a partnership works
Agreements icon
1. Agreements
Once we’ve agreed a partnership, we’ll get things started by obtaining the relevant consents that are needed to construct the new energy asset – such as planning permissions, grid applications, and more. 18-24 months.
Construction icon
2. Construction
Next, we’ll design a customised asset that maximises the value that’s delivered from your land. We’ll work with you to agree an installation plan that’s safe and causes you the least disruption. Once installation is complete and everything's been extensively tested, it will be ready to go live. 6-12 months.
Maintenance icon
3. Maintenance and optimisation
While the asset is in operation, we’ll constantly monitor its performance, undertake regular maintenance and harness our market-leading optimisation technology. All of this will keep everything working at its best and delivering maximum support to the energy transition. 30-40 years.
End of life icon
4. End-of-life
Finally, once the life of the asset has come to an end, we’ll decommission it and return your land to its original state. Or, if you’d like to agree a new partnership, we’d be happy to talk. 6-12 months.

Our capabilities in action

Installation of the Army’s first solar farm supports net zero ambitions

Spanning approximately four hectares, Centrica Business Solutions constructed the British Army's first photovoltaic solar farm at the Defence School of Transport (DST) in Leconfield - a 2.3MW installation that's predicted to supply one-third of the site's electricity needs. 

We've been pivotal in delivering major energy transformations for 200 years

We’ve been at the forefront of supporting individuals, communities, and businesses with their energy management needs for over 200 years. And during that time, we’ve been pivotal in delivering some of the major energy system transformations – from transitioning 14 million people from town gas to natural gas during the 1960s and 1970s, to driving the digitalisation of energy through the Smart Meter revolution. Tackling climate change now requires another fundamental shift in the energy system.

Speak to our energy asset experts

Interested in leasing your land for a solar farm or battery storage? Contact our team today to find out how you could unlock long-term, stable income.

We're playing a leading role in the energy transition
We've got years of experience working with businesses around the world to deliver electricity generation and storage projects. Our solutions have supported the decarbonisation of the grid, and continue to help accelerate the journey to net zero. Take a look at a few example case studies below.
If you're a landowner or developer, learn more about the partnerships we're looking to explore. Complete our form to download our brochure.

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