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Time to walk the talk on net-zero

In an article written for edie, Ian Hopkins explains how businesses can convert talk into action to deliver on their net-zero ambitions.

It is estimated that one sixth of the global economy is subject to a net-zero target, but very  few organisations have worked out precisely how to deliver on this difficult goal.

The climate emergency clock is ticking. It's time to convert all the net-zero talk  into detailed strategic planning and vigorous action, so what does this involve?

Organisations must put sustainability and resource efficiency at the heart of their growth strategies. This starts with improving energy emissions performance, which will yield major carbon savings.

Fortunately, carbon reduction also makes excellent commercial sense. Our Distributed Energy Future Trends research reveals that  61% of the most successful businesses are also clean energy leaders.

Time to do things differently

What's certain is that the same old methods that have previously delivered decent energy saving results are insufficient for the scale of the net-zero challenge. Many organisations have already picked off most of the ‘low hanging fruit'  energy efficiency opportunities. Now it's time for something completely different!

Organisations must totally re-engineer their energy strategies to become decentralised energy producers and break free from their dependence on more carbon intense centralised gas and electricity supplies. 

Green innovation

Internet of Things (IoT) technologies and artificial intelligence (AI) are opening up new opportunities to optimise and monetise smart energy management, on-site generation and storage, and electric vehicles.

Centrica Business Solutions has launched the world’s most advanced Virtual Power Plant. Our patented AI VPP solution monetises distributed energy flexibility from the most lucrative markets. It goes way beyond trading battery stored solar power in Demand Side Response (DSR) Markets – to capture multiple market opportunities using multiple assets.  

Our advanced Electric Vehicle Enablement services are also helping organisations to make the switch to sustainable transport. We provide the complete end-to-end EV infrastructure solution from one single supplier. 


Find out more about implementing EV in your business and how to power the transition to sustainable transportation.


Walking the talk

By using green innovation, businesses can radically reduce their greenhouse gas emissions  and achieve carbon neutrality. Those forward thinking organisations that are integrating distributed energy solutions across their entire estates and transport networks are profiting both the environment and their own bottom line. They are also improving their brand reputation and improving business resilience by gaining energy security.

Centrica has embedded green innovation across its global estate and electric vehicle fleet to reduce emissions by 80% over the past decade and retain an A-rating for climate change action and disclosure. We believe in 'walking the talk' on sustainability and use the same hi-tech distributed energy solutions we deploy across our own enterprise to support our customers in developing their own zero carbon pathways.