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Demand Side Response (DSR)

Take control of your energy, create additional value for your business and unlock the power of energy flexibility.

At Centrica Business Solutions, we understand the role energy flexibility can play to unlock new value, reduce costs and power business performance. Our unrivalled capabilities and proven track record in delivering Demand Side Response (DSR) solutions ensures your organisation can harness the competitive advantage this technology creates.

Unlock the value of DSR for your business

As we transition to a distributed energy system, the volatility of the grid is increasing. Organisations that make flexibility a part of their energy strategy have the most to gain. By supporting National Grid’s target of 3GW of flexible power by 2020, your business can access part of the £1bn in annual incentives. And with the increased control over your energy portfolio, you can better manage your energy spend by avoiding peak-price periods, reducing energy waste or optimising your supply agreement.

DSR from Centrica Business Solutions allows you to confidently and securely capture the opportunity of flexible energy; powered by industry expertise, patented technology, direct market access and innovative algorithms that can provide up to 52% more revenue in the most lucrative markets.

Estimated value of National Grid incentives accessible via Centrica Business Solutions
Capture up to £200k of revenue per MW per year in dFFR market with qualifying assets
Access up to 52% more revenue from using our automated technology and patented algorithms

See how DSR can help you

Transform your relationship with energy


The move away from centralised generation means we can no longer rely on a small number of large power stations to balance the grid and keep the lights on. What’s required is enhanced flexibility on both the supply and demand sides, enabling the grid to quickly responding to changes in supply and demand.

Flexibility enabled by DSR

Our expert teams work with you to understand the way your business works, define operational boundaries for all flexible assets and implement a plan of action that maximises value, while ensuring your processes are not impacted. And by combining DSR with our sophisticated device-level Energy Insight sensor technology, we can help you identify even more flexibility, further enhancing performance.

All our DSR solutions come with our market-leading approach and access, meaning you have more options to pursue value. Be it through lowering energy use at peak-price times, accessing financial rewards for providing support during grid stress events, or even selling energy back into the wholesale markets.

Demand Side Response is already supporting energy flexibility in the grid, with 67% businesses surveyed seeing value in flexible energy use1. While our recent report, Powering Britain’s Economic Future, highlighted the value to the UK from distributed energy solutions, including DSR, could be as much as £18.5bn gross value added (GVA) to the UK.

[1] Centrica Business Solutions research conducted in partnership with B2B International

Is Demand Side Response right for you?


Centrica Business Solutions understands that accessing the benefits of energy flexibility requires a change how we think about energy, and can appear daunting. Which is why we take the complexity out of DSR.

Our unrivalled technology capabilities give you access to the widest range of DSR opportunities to maximise value from a greater range of assets. Supported by our acquisition of next-generation demand side response provider REstore, we offer enhanced revenue from the markets with second-by-second monitoring to identify and monetise available opportunities. And with over 1.9GW of flexible demand under management, you can be confident that we can deliver for your business.

Our Demand Side Response commercial solutions can help you

  • Securely monetise flexibility in your energy-intensive operations using automated technology that ensures industrial boundary conditions are respected and opportunity costs are considered in all decisions
  • Enhance your energy infrastructure by leveraging DSR value to refurbish on-site generation or install new generation, creating a more diverse and resilient energy estate
  • Utilise our revenue stacking approach, advanced algorithms, and deep learning to monetise energy storage, and generate revenue from the DSR markets that offer the most value

Supply Optimisation and the Balancing Mechanism

Centrica Business Solutions has now brought together our experienced wholesale trading capabilities and market-leading DSR solution to deliver a new innovative supply optimisation solution. By combining these capabilities we are able to provide unique automatic identification of market opportunities combined with frictionless trading to deliver a new way of thinking about your supply contract.

An accomplished track record in with 5.0GW of flexible assets under management
Leading provider of Short Term Operating Reserve (STOR) to National Grid since 2011
Benefit from our consistent record in predicting and hitting TRIADS for assets in our managed service