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5 reasons to choose heat pumps in 2020

With increasing pressure on the energy market we look at how heat pumps will enable organisations to reduce their carbon emissions and energy spend, as well as their reliance on fossil fuels.

1. Save money on energy costs

Regardless of how you decide to fund your heat pump installation, you could enjoy instant savings on your energy bills – which help your bottom line. As energy prices increase and become more volatile, your heat pump can protect you from unpredictable energy costs over the lifetime of your system.

2. Reduce your emissions

Heat pumps can significantly reduce your direct emissions (known as Scope 1 in GHG reporting) by reducing the need to burn natural gas onsite. Heat pumps are electrically driven, as the UK electricity grid continues its rapid decarbonisation your indirect emissions (known as Scope 2 in GHG reporting) will also decrease. Relative to a boiler burning natural gas, a heat pump can reduce your overall GHG emissions by as much as 80%. Heat pumps are classified as a form of renewable heat by the Government via the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI).

3. Efficient heating and cooling

Heat pumps provide an alternative to ‘conventional’ natural gas fuelled heating systems; for every 1 unit of electricity it uses, a heat pump will typically deliver between 3 and 5 units of heat. They can also be configured to provide chilled water to supplement the cooling requirements of business, thereby delivering between 5 and 9 units of heat and cooling for every 1 unit of electricity it uses.

4. New build planning

The proposed update to SAP (SAP10.1) will reduce the carbon factor of electricity by 75%; this change will likely take effect when the Part L planning document is updated, which is expected to be in April 2020. As the new build market segment moves away from natural gas and towards electrically driven heating solutions, heat pumps offer the most efficient way to electrify heat.

5. Capturing a steadily growing opportunity

Heat pumps are a very mature technology, but relative to ‘conventional’ gas fuelled heating they have a very limited market share. A wide variety of sources acknowledge that the proliferation of heat pumps is key to decarbonising heat.

Looking for more reasons to choose heat pumps?

It is not possible to cover every single reason to choose heat pumps in a short article. While we have selected the five most popular reasons to include in this article, our customers have shared a wide variety of motives with our team.

If you are looking for additional reasons to select heat pumps today our expert team of professionals are more than happy to discuss the advantages of this clean, affordable and sustainable technology for your business.