Enhance business value and efficiency

Operational excellence and cost management are the core focus of all organisations. Managed well, energy can help to drive your business efficiency and power performance.

We help you to be more efficient, reduce costs and get the most out of your resources with data-led decision making that optimises your energy supply with distributed energy solutions – helping you realise your pathway to commercial success.


    of the most successful businesses surveyed include 'assessing future energy needs' in their strategy.1


    of businesses surveyed recognise the importance of energy as they 'become more digitised'.1


    of businesses surveyed feel they need to become 'more flexible in how they source and use energy'.1

    Working with Centrica Business Solutions can help you answer important questions about how your organisation can identify and realise opportunities to enhance business value and efficiency.

    • How do I make it easy to access the resources and expertise I need to uncover and realise opportunities?
    • How do I improve decision making with data, and prioritise the most effective efficiency options?
    • How do I optimise my business' energy usage, and ensure I reduce waste and carbon emissions?
    • How do I implement a strategy that integrates supply and distributed energy solutions to deliver cost savings?

    Source: 1. Distributed Energy Future Trends, Centrica Business Solutions, 2019

    A changing world demands a new approach to energy

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    Watch our video to see how Centrica Business Solutions delivers for business by using our proven engagement methodology, we help organisations enhance business value and reduce costs.

    Alton Towers achieves 80% energy efficiency

    Alton Towers cuts costs by 12% with Combined Heat and Power

    Alton Towers Resort is more than a theme park. The 550-acre site now includes four hotels, a conference centre and Europe’s largest waterpark. The hotels can accommodate 2,500 guests, with 400 staff on site. By installing CHP the resort is now generating up to 850kW on-site, leading to savings of 12% per annum.

    Other business challenges? Find out how we can help your organisation ensure operational security and realise a pathway to net zero.