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Energy Pathway

Discover how Centrica Business Solutions can help you to balance the demands of planet and profit

What is your Energy Pathway?

Centrica Business Solutions brings a different approach to energy – one that combines the expertise of our people with the power of integrated energy to ensure your business ambitions are met. Our Energy Pathway is a tailored energy strategy and plan centred on your business goals.

It is our unique combination of strategic guidance, industry expertise, innovative technology, flexible funding and full lifecycle support ensure you make the most of new opportunities, react quickly to market changes and eliminate complexity and risk.

of business leaders surveyed already have a decarbonisation strategy based on scientific data and targets in place
of organisations surveyed believe it is difficult to make the business case for acquiring energy technology, even if it creates long-term savings
of business followers surveyed don’t know which new technologies to invest in to reduce their CO2 emissions

Source: 1. Why wait to pursue net zero? Centrica Business Solutions, 2021.

How we work

A changing world demands a new approach to energy

How we help build Energy Pathways
Watch our video to see how Centrica Business Solutions delivers this approach, helping organisations take advantage of new technologies, new ideas and new ways of thinking.

Energy pathways tailored
for your organisation

Your Energy Pathway defines a clear and targeted approach to energy implementation - establishing your goals, identifying opportunities, installing solutions and ensuring ongoing support and optimisation.

  • Link business objectives to a clear energy strategy
  • Capture relevant trends, regulation and challenges
  • Outline energy opportunities and commercial options
  • Provide input and support for your business case
  • Summarise development milestones and project roadmap
  • Highlight resource requirements and governance

Benefits of our Energy Pathway

Our approach to energy transformation unites economic success with environmental responsibility. And while every Energy Pathway will be different, our experts can tailor a combination of technologies, solutions and services based on your individual business needs.

Each step is underpinned by expert resources, proven processes and end-to-end accountability - ensuring that your business is supported in delivering on your financial and environmental agenda.

  • Reduce carbon footprint with technologies and services that identify inefficiencies and reduce waste
  • Increase profits by reducing energy requirements and creating competitive advantage
  • Minimise risks by identifying energy-related business and environmental risks as early as possible
  • Enhance your brand with results that boost your sustainable reputation
  • Ensure compliance with regulation with expert guidance and regulatory knowledge
  • Overcome resource constraints with full lifecycle support that delivers and manages new technologies
  • Reduce complexity with our delivery methodology, enabled by effective evaluation of your sustainability needs
  • Have a clear plan to success with your Energy Pathway, and meet your business sustainability objectives
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