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Phil Bryant addresses NHS cost and carbon challenges

Phil Bryant, our Head of Public Sector Sales, answers questions about how the NHS can transform energy cost challenges into sustainability advantage.

The pressure to decarbonise is growing, and net zero deadlines are approaching rapidly. But funding shortfalls have meant that NHS budgets have been under immense pressure for years. As NHS trusts struggle to balance the books, how will they manage energy costs and secure a resilient supply, without neglecting decarbonisation?

Watch the video to find out the answers to the following questions, plus more:

  • How can NHS Trusts achieve both carbon and cost efficiencies?
  • What are the consequences of NHS Trusts not acting now?
  • How can Centrica Business Solutions support the NHS on their net zero journey?
  • How can Centrica Business Solutions support the NHS to fund their road to net zero?
  • Why should Centrica Business Solutions be NHS Trust’s partner of choice?
  • What can I do to find out more?

In our recent NHS research report, we surveyed health and medical providers across the UK and Europe, to find out how they’re pursuing the twin goals of energy cost efficiency and decarbonisation. Learn more about the topics covered in the video by following the link below.

Balancing cost and carbon goals for NHS trusts

To unlock further detail on how the NHS can find a cost-effective path to net zero, download our report by completing our simple form.
NHS report

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