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Balancing cost and carbon goals for NHS trusts

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Funding shortfalls have meant that NHS budgets have been under immense pressure for years. So much so, that NHS England warned that they could face a budget shortfall of as much as £7 billion in 2023.

As NHS trusts struggle to balance the books, how will they manage energy costs and secure a resilient supply, without neglecting decarbonisation? Sustainability plans cannot be neglected - the NHS is targeted to deliver an 80% carbon reduction by 2032, and net zero by 2040 across directly controlled emissions.

How can NHS trusts find a cost-effective path to net zero? In early 2023, we surveyed a range of health and medical providers, to find out how they’re balancing their financial and environmental goals. In our new report, we explore:

  • Steps that can be taken to manage energy costs in a tough environment
  • The technologies that can deliver both cost and carbon reductions
  • Public and private sector funding options

One thing is certain: no one can afford to wait. The energy landscape has changed significantly in recent years, but a carefully costed, sustainable energy strategy is as crucial as ever.

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Discover how we help the public sector to balance financial and environmental demands

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