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Evolve your energy strategy with a simple energy management tool

PowerRadar™ provides a simple and secure way to manage and control your entire energy estate.

As businesses accelerate their sustainability ambitions and pursue optimal performance and efficiency, they need an effective way to manage their energy. It is imperative that businesses have end-to-end visibility of their energy footprint in order to develop an informed energy strategy that drives operational efficiency and performance.

Having a centralised view of your entire energy footprint eliminates the time and complexity involved with energy management in multiple platforms. A single platform that integrates energy technologies together within a single interface creates a holistic view of your energy estate that can be used to provide a complete view of performance.

Be in control of your energy with PowerRadar, our integrated and interactive energy management platform that enables you to understand, manage, and optimise your energy in a single, holistic view. PowerRadar is designed to sit at the heart of your energy strategy and provide you with a simplified way to visualise and control your entire energy estate, so you can confidently turn your energy into a competitive asset.

Watch this video to learn how PowerRadar can power your business strategy forward.

PowerRadar efficiently, securely, and conveniently provides you with the real-time energy intelligence you need to inform your energy strategy.

  • Make agile decisions enabled by an intuitive user interface that facilitates clear visualisation of energy intelligence.
  • View and manage your energy from anywhere while retaining confidence that your data is secure with our cloud-based, secure software.
  • Conveniently manage your energy wherever you go with the PowerRadar mobile app.

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