Simplify your energy management and inform your strategy with actionable intelligence delivered by our integrated energy management platform.

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PowerRadar is a powerfully simple energy management platform that gives organisations the flexibility to control and manage all their energy data using a single, holistic view of their energy footprint. It provides detailed and up-to-date visibility of energy performance – helping you to use clear, reliable data to confidently turn your energy into a competitive asset.

PowerRadar sits at the very heart of your energy strategy, bringing all the intelligence and visibility you need into one platform. It provides you with a deeper understanding of your energy estate and helps you identify opportunities to optimise your energy and generate revenue, integrating with on-site generation assets for even greater control.

Achieve optimal energy efficiency and performance

Learn how to take control of your energy strategy with PowerRadar 
Watch our video and discover how PowerRadar enables organisations to understand, manage, and optimise their energy estate – providing them with the intelligence they need to power their energy strategy.

Benefits for your business

  • Comprehensively understand your energy footprint with real-time, device-level monitoring of energy data.
  • Enhanced visibility into your optimisation strategy helps you manage your flexible energy in markets.
  • Maximise revenue for your energy and asset flexibility by viewing aggregated asset availability in real-time.
  • Track performance of on-site assets and view real-time energy generation, consumption, savings, and carbon.
  • Sophisticated alerts are targeted to priorities so you receive the information that is most important to you.
  • Make data-driven decisions using real energy data to justify and right-size investments for greater ROI.
  • Enjoy convenient access to your energy data and performance from anywhere at anytime.
  • Strict security and privacy standards keep your network and critical assets safe.
3.5 MW
A leading medical provider planned their Demand Response curtailment strategy with PowerRadar and shed 3.5 MW during an event
A global fashion retailer increased visibility with PowerRadar, using intelligence to reduce consumption and save over £910k across 60 stores
42 sites
A global building materials giant used PowerRadar to deliver significant annual savings – rapidly expanding its use at 42 sites
Find out how PowerRadar can help you make more informed, data-driven decisions and identify ways to optimise your energy.

Why Centrica Business Solutions?

  • Cloud-based, secure software – manage your energy data securely from anywhere via desktop or our mobile app.
  • User-friendly, modern design – an intuitive, well-designed user interface enables clear visualisation of data.
  • Scalable – continuous energy solution integrations into PowerRadar provide more control as your strategy evolves.
Over 90,000 assets worldwide are connected to PowerRadar, providing customers with a complete view of their energy estate
PowerRadar is providing over 8,500 sites worldwide with actionable intelligence and visibility of their entire energy footprint
Over 716 MW of on-site generation assets are being monitored and managed in PowerRadar
Demonstrate the ROI of your on-site generation investment by using PowerRadar to monitor the performance of your CHP.

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