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Using DSR revenue to help fund your energy strategy

Empower your business to upgrade, install, new or refurbish infrastructure.

An increasing number of businesses are now participating in Demand Side Response (DSR) schemes, and benefiting from financial incentives as a result of lowering or shifting their electricity consumption at peak times. DSR is a smart way to save on total energy costs, can reduce your carbon footprint and help you manage your energy load profile on the electricity network. Payments from National Grid create an additional revenue source from existing heat and power generation units and a range of other assets. Once adopted, a DSR solution can provide your business with a positive cash-flow, typically within three to six months.

DSR options

Demand Side Response (DSR) enables you to monetise existing processes and contribute to the business case for other aspects of your energy strategy by:

  1. Monetise existing assets or processes
  2. Refurbish or install new generation
  3. Monetise or install energy storage

Monetise existing assets or processes

DSR helps you to create a new revenue stream from exploiting energy flexibility in your business processes, while helping you to meet your corporate social responsibility ambitions. DSR rewards businesses that reduce their consumption during peak times, or increase it when grid-supplied power costs are higher than at off-peak times. You can monetise your existing assets via a range of National Grid services and unlock new revenues that you can reinvest into your business.

With a DSR-based energy strategy, you can reinvest in your energy infrastructure. Below, we outline what you can do with your newly generated revenue and where you could invest it.

Refurbish or install new generation

Reduce operational costs and carbon emissions and protect your business against ever-rising energy prices by investing in, or updating your on-site power and heat generation assets. Generating assets from Centrica can be put into relevant schemes in order to strengthen the business case for investment.

Reinvest your new revenue in CHP, solar or back-up generation to benefit further from distributed energy. This will introduce multiple benefits to your business including improved resilience, reduced costs, and lower carbon emissions.

An example in point is Toyota’s engine manufacturing facility in Deeside, North Wales which has switched on 13,000 solar panels to generate enough renewable energy to power the production of 22,500 engines. This has led to a 10% reduction in the plant’s annual power bill and a reduction in the plant’s carbon footprint of more than 1,800 tonnes of CO2.

Monetise or install energy storage

Energy storage is a good way of optimising your energy usage while building resilience on site. Using energy storage enables peak shaving to avoid high power tariffs as well as providing the resilience upon which the primary business case is predicated. Once this is achieved, you can use stored power at peak times to help you to make substantial savings and unlock revenue with DSR.

Centrica Business Solutions has installed one of the country’s largest commercial battery storage schemes for Gateshead Council. It is also being used to help meet peaks in local demand, providing electricity through a private wire to council-owned buildings and well-known Tyneside buildings including Gateshead College and the Sage Gateshead concert venue.

Why DSR from Centrica Business Solutions is right for you

Today, companies like Centrica Business Solutions take a holistic interest in meeting your business’s goals to manage costs, improve operational efficiency, enhance resilience and reduce CO2 emissions. With DSR, control and visibility can be put back in your hands, so you can optimise your energy usage and benefit form the best possible financial rewards.

Our DSR technology is constantly changing in line with new emerging services so that at any point, the solution can be re-provisioned to capitalise on new opportunities from the markets.

The energy market is complex and constantly changing, which is why we have a dedicated Regulatory Affairs team to help us maximise our capability as soon as the services are required. We work closely with TSO’s and DSO’s to ensure our services are timely and market ready.

By working with Centrica Business solutions, you can benefit from real-time flexibility with you in control. With industrial boundary conditions that you can set, you can use a solution that respects production planning and processes. DSR from Centrica Business Solutions comes with no investment risk and a zero installation costs.

Benefit from end-to-end project management that allows you to capture more revenue. Post installation servicing and availability guarantees help to optimise your equipment and your overall strategy. Optimisation also comes in the form of advanced algorithms and deep learning that can help you to build your revenue. With Centrica Business Solutions, funding your energy strategy with DSR has never been easier.

Learn more about our DSR solutions for business here or get in touch.