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Demand Side Response

Take control of your energy and unlock value from your assets with Demand Side Response

What is Demand Side Response?

Demand Side Response (DSR) is our solution for businesses who want to unlock hidden value in their energy usage and generation assets, create a new revenue stream or utilise for investment in distributed energy solutions.

By connecting your assets to the grid via our commercial energy DSR solution, your energy flexibility will be helping to maintain the balance between grid supply and demand, and generating extra revenue for your business.

See how DSR can help you

Potential per MW per year revenue achievable by Centrica Business Solutions (dFFR prices based on £15/MW/h)
In 2021 we will be delivering over 800MW of Capacity Market flexibility contracts
Our record in predicting and hitting TRIADS for assets in our managed service

Changes in energy generation

There’s now an undeniable preference for renewable energy generation, in line with the focus on reducing greenhouse emissions and meeting international commitments. In fact, the UK government is committed to turning off all coal-fired generation by 2025.

The rise in innovative, distributed energy generation schemes means that a more flexible grid is required, one that can cope with too much or little generation.

The National Grid faces a real challenge

How can the nation’s lights be kept on without compromising grid stability? These changes have driven the development of a more flexible, smarter electricity system and Demand Side Response services procured by National Grid are the critical success factor in achieving these objectives.

The grid will pay your business for its flexibility

Using our unrivalled technical capabilities, we can monitor your energy usage second-by-second and determine what flexibility you have available. Whether it’s by reducing energy usage at certain times, supply energy back into the grid or increase consumption when the grid has over-supply. You'll be paid for your flexibility.

Take control of your energy, and unlock the hidden value in your assets with our DSR service

More and more energy users are making Demand Side Response part of their business energy strategy, benefiting financially while helping the grid to balance. A commercial energy solution such as DSR takes your business one step closer towards energy independence, creating added site resilience, rationalising energy costs and generating new revenue.

The benefits of Demand Side Response for your business

  • Reduce your costs by proactively manage your consumption in peak periods, avoiding higher costs
  • Access financial incentives by assisting the grid in maintaining balance
  • Generate revenue by connecting on-site generation to the energy markets
  • Asset monitoring by using real-time insights into operational performance

Centrica Business Solutions’ unrivalled capability provide you with a partner who, using patented technologies can maximise the value of DSR to your business.

Our fully managed solutions simplify DSR, and our expert industry specialists work closely with you to ensure the right solution is implemented for your business and we support you from day one. By using our commercial DSR services, you can monetise existing assets with little or no outlay; allowing you to offset the cost of asset refurbishment or the installation of a new behind-the-meter generation or energy storage solution.

more than others can achieve using patented technology and algorithms
total flexible demand managed with access to in-house patented technology
reliability to the grid operator, National Grid