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Why organisations need to move to large scale solar energy

Our reasons to integrate cost-effective, sustainable large scale Solar energy into your organisation.

From providing 100% renewable energy to offsetting your grid consumption by up to 50%, there are several ways that Solar can benefit you. Large Solar PV installations can help you to cut costs, mitigate against price volatility and decarbonise. There are many reasons why you may choose to lead on sustainability by installing large scale solar energy technology at your site – below are our top 4.


1. Save money on electricity costs

In today’s volatile environment, a large-scale solar PV installation may not immediately feel like an expense that your organisation would be willing to look at right now. However, flexible Solar financing could mean that you don’t need to make any capital investments, and you could enjoy instant cost savings on your energy bills too.

However you decide to fund your solar installation, you’ll also continue to save over the lifetime of your system. In fact, your monthly savings are likely to grow with time – you could reduce your electricity costs by up to 30%, making industrial-scale Solar a future-proof investment for your organisation.

Illustration of solar panels and graphs - Solar PV could reduce your electricity costs by up to 30%

2. Monetise unused space or land

Going solar has allowed our customers to transform large pieces of unused estate, like rooftops or empty land into a source of onsite power generation. Using renewable solar energy, they’ve lowered their operating expenses – so they can reinvest their savings into their organisations, or even generate revenue by selling excess energy to the grid.

Large-scale Solar PV can be installed on available roof space at your facility, or mounted in the ground onsite or at another location. A detailed site analysis measures your solar-optimal space and available sunlight, informing a system design that will maximise your space and energy production potential.


3. Boost sustainability efforts

Installing solar is not only the right thing to do financially, but can help you to accelerate your journey to net zero. You can advance your sustainability goals with 100% renewable power onsite, as opposed to pulling electricity from the grid. Solar PV technology doesn’t emit CO2 and other harmful greenhouse gases, so you can reduce your carbon footprint and help the environment.

Large scale solar energy can also help you to achieve your wider sustainability goals. Whether you use your electricity cost savings to fund other integrated energy solutions such as Combined Heat and Power, or utilise Solar to power measures such as energy-efficient LED lighting, installing large-scale Solar PV could unlock your journey to a low-carbon future.

Illustration of solar panels and globe - Solar PV is a 100% renewable source of energy with no CO2 emissions

4. Mitigate against risk

Going solar can bring you peace of mind in a volatile energy environment. You could lock in a predictable energy rate for the lifetime of your Solar PV system – the sun is consistent and reliable, generating power even on cloudy or rainy days. You can then efficiently forecast your operational expenses by knowing exactly what you’ll spend on your Solar energy, helping you to manage your budget.

And amid price volatility, integrating large-scale Solar into your energy estate can help you to manage risk by reducing your reliance on the grid. You could offset your grid consumption by up to 50%, meaning your organisation is less exposed to unpredictable prices outside of your control – turning energy uncertainty into an opportunity to transform your future.


Looking for more reasons to more reasons to integrate large scale solar energy

In an article of this length, it isn’t possible to cover every single motive to go solar. Whether making the most of our operations and maintenance packages to protect your Solar assets, or combining Solar with a range of other integrated energy solutions to accelerate your journey to a low-carbon future, there are many more reasons why you may choose to move to large scale solar energy.

If you’d like to find out how Solar PV could benefit your organisation, contact us today to find out how you could transform large pieces of underused space into large scale solar energy generation. Our expert team of solar professionals is happy to discuss the countless advantages of this clean, affordable and sustainable technology.

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