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The future of sustainable food and drink manufacturing

Centrica Business Solutions partners with edie to publish their latest report: Mission Possible: Achieving a Sustainable Future for Food & Drink Manufacturing

Mastering sustainability is critical to the future success of food and drink manufacturers in a global economy that's facing major obstacles, such as rising prices, resource scarcity and climate change.

We have joined with edie to publish a new report 'Mission Possible: Achieving a Sustainable Future for Food & Drink Manufacturing'. In this document we discuss the steps manufacturers can take to meet the long-term challenge of building competitive, greener, future-proofed businesses.

Success through innovation

Many food and drink producers are finding innovative new ways to tackle rising energy costs and carbon emissions, raw materials shortages, and ever tighter profit margins. We share many of these examples, together with the Mission Possible pledges made by manufacturers, who are taking bold steps to improve their sustainability.

You can read these pledges on the final page of the document.

Future-proofing your business

What can you do to future-proof your business? What progress are food and drink manufacturers making in improving sustainability? What can you learn from them? How can your innovate and collaborate to build resilience? These are some of the questions answered in the report.

The document covers the five 'Mission Possible' pillars (Energy, Resources, Built Environment, Mobility and Business Leadership), which comprise the staple ingredients of any sustainability strategy.

The big energy sustainability challenge

Energy is one of the most urgent challenges, and an area where businesses are making significant progress. This challenge is particularly pressing in the food and drink industry, where energy accounts for more than 15% of total costs at some sites.

There's also ambitious carbon emissions targets to meet. Manufacturers surveyed for the report saw big opportunities to reduce the carbon footprint of their sites, with onsite renewable generation and energy efficiency upgrades seen as significant or business critical opportunities by almost 60% of respondents.

To find out more about these challenges and opportunities read the full 'Mission Possible: Achieving a Sustainable Future for Food & Drink Manufacturing' report.