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Find opportunity in a changing world We help your organisation become a more efficient, resilient and sustainable business; on your path to a low-carbon future.

To survive in today’s world of digital transformation, increased competition and the focus on climate change, businesses need to be both economically and environmentally sustainable. Operational excellence and cost management are an important focus for all, but digitalisation is also driving the need to protect business systems and precious information resources.

Together, these forces are putting businesses under pressure to find new ways to grow, be more energy efficient, improve operational resiliency and limit their impact on the environment.

In response to these challenges, distributed energy solutions are increasingly being seen as an answer. Driven by technology advances and increased flexibility of choice, organisations large and small are managing risks and maximising opportunities by forging partnerships with energy providers that have the capability to deliver localised energy solutions.


of businesses agree they need technology and better operational practices to maximise efficiency.1


of businesses say that resilience to power interruptions is becoming more important as they digitalise.1


of businesses agree demonstrating a low carbon footprint will be essential to their brand by 2025.1

Source: 1. Distributed Energy Future Trends report, Centrica Business Solutions, 2019

What does it take to become a more sustainable, future-focused organisation? Our report explains.

Tackling your business challenges

From energy strategy to on-site generation and optimisation to ongoing operation and maintenance, we deliver new thinking, new technologies and new ways of working.

Why Centrica Business Solutions?

  • Reduced carbon footprint by deploying technologies and services that identify inefficiencies and reduce waste
  • Increased profits by better managing energy requirements and creating competitive advantage for your business
  • Minimise risks by identifying energy-related business and environmental challenges as early as possible
  • Wide range of zero-CAPEX options enable our customers to implement advanced energy solutions without capital
  • Optimise performance and up-time with our range of solution operation and maintenance packages
  • Extensive heritage and experience with solutions in place across 34 countries
Customer sites support by our solutions globally.
Total assets being optimised, supporting local grids.
Volume of renewable power generation under contract.