Why wait to pursue net zero?

How to build a sustainable business model now

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Decarbonisation puts pressure on organisations at a time when uncertainty is widespread and good financial performance is vital.  

Some organisations are very eager to announce and accelerate net zero targets. They are not waiting for the perfect time to act - they know that the sooner they start, the greater the benefits. Others risk being left behind. 

We surveyed 1,000 executives in 7 countries and across 9 industry sectors and benchmarked their sustainability efforts in 5 key areas. We also interviewed 6 thought leaders to get their views on how businesses can get ahead. 

In this new report, we explore: 

  • What it takes to become a sustainable business 

  • How your peers are balancing the demands of profit and planet 

  • The steps less well-prepared organisations can take to catch up 

If you have any questions or require help starting your net zero journey, please contact us: centricabusinesssolutions.UK@centrica.com

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