Make EV a reality for your fleet

An ebook on the electric vehicle opportunity for fleets.

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As the 2030 government ban on the sale of new internal combustion engines nears, organisations are going to need to transition quickly to electric vehicle fleets. Whilst this is going to help progress towards lowering emissions, it’s also going to bring unique challenges.

When and where will your fleet vehicles charge? How will your drivers adapt to new infrastructures and behaviours? How will your sites cope with the new energy demands placed on them? In this eBook we layout what we see as some of the challenges fleets will face and how you can address them, including:

  • The changing nature of transport
  • Readying for government policy
  • How to overcome challenges and be a success
  • Providing solutions for business
  • Centrica's own EV journey

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Looking to install on-site charging?

Read our eBook on EV charging for workplaces.

We layout some of the challenges facing businesses and public sector organisations as they shift to providing  and how you can address them, such as: when and where will your fleet vehicles charge; how will your sites cope and what about new energy demands placed on them?