Webinar: Lessons from switching to an EV Fleet

Discover some of challenges within the Electric Vehicle
market and the solutions we've developed

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With the 3rd largest fleet in the UK, Centrica has been working on switching it’s 11,000 vehicles to an electric (EV) fleet for several years. Along the way we have encountered many challenges to making the transition; from sourcing vans to integrating EVs and charging into existing driver schedules, to finding ways to manage energy spend and employee reimbursement.

In short, we’ve learnt a lot.

And now we are using our experience to help other organisations make the switch to a sustainable transport model. Join our free webinar and learn about some of the key challenges we have faced and the types of solutions we have developed in-house to overcome them.


Wednesday 9th September 2020 at 1pm - 2pm BST

During the webinar, our experts will discuss:

  • Sorting out the accessibility of vehicles
  • Understanding total cost of ownership and sticking to your plan
  • Getting buy-in and engagement from drivers
  • Partnering with an EV provider to get the right infrastructure, energy and software

Panel experts:

James Rooney – Fleet Engineer, Centrica plc
Chris Jackson – Head of Fleet Partnerships, Centrica Business Solutions
Lucy Simpson – EV Product Manager, Centrica Business Solutions