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Our guide to the economics of Solar

We demonstrate the savings your business could make by investing in commercial solar power today – helping you to strengthen your business case

We know that economic uncertainty is continuing to affect organisations worldwide. You may be facing the dual challenges of volatile energy prices and the need to decarbonise. And with your short-term budget under pressure, finding the right way to do so can be complicated.

In our Economics of Solar guide, we’ve laid out the facts on transforming your business with commercial solar power. Whether you’re looking for security amid volatility or to reduce your day-to-day running costs, there are several benefits to going Solar. But do you have all the information you need to secure your stakeholders’ buy-in?

Whether you’re looking to bring your Chief Financial Officer, Energy Manager or Sustainability Manager on board, we’ve demonstrated the benefits of going Solar for your organisation. Read on to find out how our findings could help you to build a business case for commercial solar power.

How you can secure short-term savings with solar power

Your business may be facing significant challenges to its short-term budget. In this environment, making day-to-day savings is likely to be a high priority for your stakeholders. As such, investing in Solar may not seem viable – but there are hidden benefits to doing so.

Our guide demonstrates that, with a Solar Power Purchase Agreement (Solar PPA), your organisation could make savings from the very first year of your system’s lifetime. We've taken an example of a business deploying Solar to meet 1/3 of its overall electricity demand, with installation completed in 2023. Over the first five years post-installation, we've forecast the effect this could have on their electricity bill. With strong returns available in the short term - and the greatest potential savings available in 2023-2024 - it's clear that now is a great time to invest in commercial solar power.


How you could save on cost and carbon over your system’s 20-year lifetime

So, your stakeholders are confident that you could cut costs in the short term with commercial solar power. But are they convinced of the long term benefits of onsite energy generation?

Following the same project example as above, our guide forecasts 20 years of potential cost and carbon savings. We found that, over the system’s lifetime, our example business could make huge savings versus continuing to import electricity from the grid. With reduced carbon emissions and protection from grid price volatility also taken into account, it’s clear that going solar could transform their everyday operations – and their long term budget. Could your organisation benefit from this too?


The benefits of premier maintenance for your solar system

Your stakeholders won’t just be interested in installing your system – they’ll also want to know what taking care of it will look like for the long term. Going Solar is an investment into your organisation’s future – and our guide demonstrates the importance of choosing premier Operations & Maintenance (O&M).

We’ve used the same project example to demonstrate how the system in question could degrade over its lifetime, when taken care of at an industry standard. In contrast, we’ve also outlined what this degradation could look like with one of our premier O&M packages. 

The results are clear: looking after your Solar system at a high standard can not only reduce its likelihood of failure, but can boost the production you’ll get from it. Over the 20-year lifetime of your panels, this could result in a significant difference to your long term budget and electricity output.

This is key to knowing what the future of your Solar system will look like. When it comes to building your business case, you'll need to demonstrate what the future of your system could look like - and the benefits of taking care of it. Our guide could help you to kick off this conversation with your stakeholders on the long term practicalities of deploying Solar.


How to finance your solar system

Once you’ve secured your stakeholders’ buy-in, what are your next steps towards turning your goals into reality? By demonstrating the benefits of investing via Solar PPA, we've started to put together your pathway to installing commercial solar power.

By choosing a PPA, you’ll be able to secure consistent energy rates for the future, giving you budget stability and predictable OPEX. What’s more is that you could even install your system with no need for upfront capital investment. You could make savings without disrupting your short-term expenditure – offering a great opportunity to secure your immediate budget as well as long-term savings.

We can help you to bundle in financing with premier O&M, as well as end-to-end management of your Solar installation. With our strong balance sheet and over 20 years of Solar experience you can rest assured knowing every aspect of your system is in safe hands. So, why wait to transform the future of your energy strategy?

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