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Energy leaders out-perform their competition

Our research introduces the unique concept of energy leaders. These are businesses who are ahead of the competition when it comes to energy efficiency, energy measurement and energy strategy. And they are out-performing their peers on a number of business performance indicators, such as financial performance, operating a sustainable business model and being efficient and well-run.

Energy no longer has to be seen as a drain on costs for a business. A broad range of stakeholders are beginning to take an interest in how energy can align with overall business goals and the importance of energy is being redefined within businesses.

We researched over 1,000 energy decision-makers in large organisations across six countries to understand the experience businesses are having, how they are adapting to the changing energy market and how this compares to their peers.

The Energy Advantage Report is the outcome.  It identifies how businesses are gaining competitive advantage through their energy strategies and solutions, as well as providing practical advice on how to get more from energy.

Read our new report to find out what makes an energy leader