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Windsor hydrogen showcase is jewel in the crown of net zero road trip

The role of hydrogen in decarbonising power will come under the spotlight later this month as Centrica’s Windsor headquarters hosts the UK’s first ‘Road to Net Zero Tour’

Industry and policymakers are invited to discover how hydrogen power can fuel the UK’s journey to net zero as Centrica partner 2G Energy showcases a 100% hydrogen-powered combined heat and power (CHP) engine. The event gives business leaders, national and local policymakers and planners the opportunity to understand how a hydrogen CHP engine works, and how the technology can help the UK achieve its 2050 net zero ambitions.

Earlier this year, Centrica Business Solutions announced a manufacturing partnership with 2G, in response to a ‘growing need for integrated hydrogen solutions which are a key tool in the decarbonisation of decentralised energy’. 

This is one of a number of exciting projects that the UK’s largest energy company hopes will pave the way for low carbon hydrogen to replace fossil fuels across much of the energy mix. The company – best known as the owner of British Gas - is part of a trial which will see upwards of 2,000 homes in either Whitby in Cheshire or Redcar in Teesside converted to hydrogen heating and cooking for a three-year trial.

In addition, Centrica Business Solutions is working with Equinor to explore developing a low-carbon hydrogen production hub at Easington in East Yorkshire, and later this year will be the first energy company to blend hydrogen into a grid connected power station - using turquoise hydrogen from a HiiROC hydrogen production unit at the Brigg peaking power station in Lincolnshire.

There’s a common perception that hydrogen technology is a distant prospect, but as the hydrogen-ready CHP engine clearly shows, the reality is that this technology is already here and playing a crucial role in advancing the decarbonisation agenda. We should be bold in our thinking, the UK should aim to be a net exporter of hydrogen, providing high quality green jobs, additional revenues for the UK treasury and a lower cost of transitioning to Net Zero for homeowners and businesses."
William Mezzullo Head of Hydrogen for Centrica

Mark Holtmann, Managing Director of 2G said “Hydrogen is set to play a vital role as the UK looks for long-term ways to meet its carbon reduction targets. Hydrogen’s importance has become increasingly clear over the past few months of energy supply upheaval and the impact of war in Ukraine.

“We are committed to promoting hydrogen to achieve a net zero world and we want to demonstrate how CHPs can be integrated into a wide variety of industries and applications such as hospitals, schools, hotels and leisure facilities to provide energy reliability and resilience.”

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