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Centrica opens new UK 24/7 monitoring and control centre

Centrica Business Solutions has opened a new 24/7/365 control centre to help customers proactively operate, maintain and optimise their energy assets to maximise productivity, ensure compliance and manage flexibility.

The new command and control centre is based at Centrica's Windsor headquarters and is operated around the clock by a team of highly skilled and experienced technical and optimisation specialists.

The control centre operation also supports Centrica's trading and optimisation teams in managing asset flexibility within tight operational boundaries and maximising revenues across multiple markets. One of the key functions is to help customers meet Balancing Mechanism technical grid connection obligations.

"Our team are the 'eyes and ears' that continuously monitor our customers' energy assets and processes to ensure that they are running optimally and safely, while maximising availability", said Ian Griffiths, Head of Operations (Large Assets) at Centrica Business Solutions.

The control room has been designed in line with the latest industry best practice, taking a human centred approach to provide the ideal environment and ease of access to systems to enable our control room operators to manage incidents effectively. All critical systems are duplicated both on site and at our standby location. Our grid connection is backed up by our own 500kW Battery Energy Storage System which acts as a Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) to ensure continuous operation in the event of a power interruption, taking the load while our generators ramp up cover any longer term outages. 

Connectivity to remote assets is provided via fully resilient network infrastructure, allowing instant failover in the event of component failure.  The network is continually monitored by the Centrica Digital Technology Services (DTS) team, ensuring any faults and cyber security threats are identified and handled appropriately.

Ensuring business continuity is a key part of any organisation's success, and energy resilience is important in maintaining operational security. It’s vital that you have an energy strategy that secures you from operational and grid supply interruptions. We can help protect your business with distributed energy solutions and expert support services that safeguard your organisation from commercial, regulatory and market risks – helping you realise your pathway to business resilience.

"If performance dips or faults are identified, our team provides swift handling, investigation, diagnosis and escalation of issues to minimise any potential production losses and ensure rapid emergency response. They can also carry out remote adjustments and fixes to resolve many issues, including plant restarts where safety permits."
Ian Griffiths, Head of Operations (Large Assets) at Centrica Business Solutions

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