Predictive Operations and Maintenance engineer

Predictive Operations and Maintenance: The key to avoiding disruption

Could Operations and Maintenance (O&M) help your organisation to avoid costly equipment downtime?

In today’s changing world, lack of resilience is not an option. Your business may already be facing tough competition, volatile overheads, and pressurised margins. Adding unexpected machinery downtime into the mix is likely to cause real problems for your organisation.

If your business relies heavily on energy – such as for manufacturing, operating data centres, or maintaining critical public services – it’s vital that your strategy leaves room for regular maintenance. It’s likely that leaving fixes until the point of failure will be too late, and will already have catastrophic consequences for your business – and your customers. Are you equipped to take a proactive approach to keeping your energy assets running?

The risks of unplanned downtime are real

Equipment downtime can have devastating consequences. Research has revealed that unplanned downtime could be cost industrial manufacturers as much as £41 billion every year, presenting a huge risk to their revenue.1 And with 80% of businesses unsure how much just one hour of unplanned downtime could cost them, it’s clear that failing to keep on top of machine maintenance can have significant consequences for present and future cashflow.2

We also know that disruption is a top worry for businesses today. Our research found that disruption was the top business risk for 50% of the companies we surveyed.3 So, it’s clear that businesses are looking to make a change to protect themselves from disruption like unplanned downtime. But what can you do to avoid it?


Predictive maintenance could keep your business running

Some businesses rely on reactive maintenance to keep their equipment running. This is where maintenance is performed on a “run-to-fail” basis, leaving maintenance mostly until equipment cannot run any longer.4 But there is an alternative to this that could both save your business money and avoid disruption to your operations.

Predictive maintenance, combined with remote monitoring, can offer you full visibility of the your equipment’s needs. With reactive maintenance costs typically around 50% higher than predictive maintenance, there’s a huge cost benefit to proactively taking care of your assets.5 What’s more, you could avoid unexpected production or service outages by ensuring your energy equipment is performing at its best – helping you to avoid unpredictable business losses.


Our Operations and Maintenance experts can help

Our Operations and Maintenance (O&M) solution offers regular inspections in line with manufacturer guidelines, ensuring your assets are performing as expected. As needed, our expert engineers can offer minor or major service work or component overhauls. This can all help to ensure that your energy equipment is running as expected, helping you to avoid unexpected power losses.

Furthermore, we can combine predictive maintenance with remote monitoring to offer you full visibility of your assets’ needs. For example, you may have installed a Combined Heat and Power (CHP) unit at your site, providing the heat and electricity you need to keep your business running. With an integrated energy management platform like PowerRadar™, you’ll be alerted to potential faults or problems before they become critical errors. With real-time tracking available, you’ll be able to act fast before any issues turn into unplanned downtime. And with our service team available 365 days a year, we can quickly help you to prevent those issues from becoming critical errors.

Talk to us about maintaining your energy assets

If you’re looking to transform your energy strategy with predictive maintenance, we can help. We have over 30 years of experience caring for energy assets like CHP, Solar and Heat Pumps, so you’ll know your equipment is in safe hands.

Our team of O&M experts would be happy to talk about optimising your strategy with predictive maintenance. Complete our form today to tell us more about your organisation’s energy ambitions.

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