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Guide: How to engage stakeholders in the net zero transition

Our guide can help your organisation gain internal stakeholder support to progress your net zero journey.

As your organisation looks to make its net zero ambitions a reality, you’re likely considering investing in new onsite energy generation technologies - to help you reduce both carbon emissions and energy spend. Though whether it’s through Solar PV, Heat Pumps, Combined Heat and Power (CHP) units or a combination of technologies, before you can turn any energy ambitions into reality, you’ll likely need to get sign-off from multiple stakeholders.

But how exactly can you build a convincing business case to get your stakeholders to buy-in to your decarbonisation ambitions?

Understanding your key stakeholders

To engage the stakeholders that are involved in your organisation’s energy investment decisions, it’s first key to understand each of the stakeholder’s varying priorities. By understanding their key focuses, you can ensure each area is addressed in your business case, with any relevant potential concerns mitigated or opportunities highlighted.

Additionally, you may want to consider changing your net zero proposal's focus depending on the stakeholder you’re presenting to, in order to further increase engagement. For instance, an effective net zero proposal developed for a Finance Manager may need more focus on balancing reduced risk and cost with efficiency; whereas to engage your Facilities Manager, your proposal may need more focus on site safety and efficiency.

Engaging stakeholders on the road to net zero

Click on the link below to view the guide and get insights that will help you understand the likely interests and concerns of internal stakeholders who are commonly involved in energy investment decisions. We also present how you can turn insight into action with tips on how to align your business case to each stakeholder - helping you to get the go-ahead to invest in new onsite energy technologies.

Building your energy proposal

Looking for support to build your energy proposal? Our net zero consulting service team can support you to create an actionable science-based net zero roadmap, alongside helping you to create an engaging business case for net zero technologies by providing detailed data and analysis.

To speak to our team about getting our support with your journey to net zero, complete our short form to tell us about your requirements.

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