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Everything you need to know about the Salix Wales Funding Programme

The Wales Funding Programme could help your Public Sector organisation deliver its net zero ambitions.

The Welsh Public Sector has set an ambitious target of being net zero by 2030.​ To help deliver this, the Wales Funding Programme, administered by Salix, has been introduced to help finance new decarbonisation and energy efficiency technologies.

The Wales Funding Programme allows public sector bodies to apply for interest-free loans to cover up to 100% of the costs of a new energy-saving or renewable energy project.

Who is eligible for the Wales Funding Programme?

The programme is open to all public sector organisations in Wales, including universities, local authorities, and the NHS.

What projects and technologies are eligible?

Your energy project can be focused on a range of different energy technologies, including:

If needed, Centrica Business Solutions can support to navigate many of these technologies.

No matter the technology, your energy project must deliver a direct financial benefit to the Public Sector. All cost savings delivered during the lifetime of the project must go back into the Public Sector.

You can apply for more than one project to be funded in a single application.

The project must be “additional”. This means that it should not be required by legislation, building regulations or planning officers. The project must also:

  • Pay for itself from the energy savings resulting directly from the project within a maximum 8-year period (unless a special case can be evidenced)​
  • Cost no more than £278 to save a tonne of carbon dioxide over the expected lifetime of a project
  • Not already have funding agreed.

What is the application timeline?

There are no specific time constraints for applications. The programme has been open since 2020 and, as of Autumn 2023, no closing date has been provided.

When you make your application, you should be project-ready, with clear costs and savings identified, and all internal approvals in place, including sign-off from a Sponsoring Director.

How we can help you to access funding

If you haven’t yet started this process, we may be able to help. While we can’t submit your application, as your Public Sector organisation is responsible for this, our highly-skilled Public Sector team can help you to turn your net zero goals into an actionable strategy.

We can help you to calculate the financial benefits of the energy solution, gather all the information you need for your application, and gain the internal sign-off to proceed. To find out how our experts can help, get in touch with us today.

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