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Webinar On Demand: Discover how low carbon hydrogen can fuel your journey to net zero

Could hydrogen be the future for the energy transition to net zero? You can watch our on demand webinar to discover how hydrogen technology works and its impact on sustainability 

Hydrogen is one of the low carbon solutions that will be critical for the UK’s transition to net zero. Transitioning to hydrogen will allow us to build a cleaner, greener energy system while creating thousands of new, well-paid jobs. That's why we’re using our decades of experience to help kickstart the hydrogen economy - creating a more stable energy supply and helping our customers be net zero by 2050.

At Centrica Business Solutions, we’re doing everything we can to drive the hydrogen revolution forward. Earlier this year, we announced a manufacturing partnership with 2G Energy, in response to a ‘growing need for integrated hydrogen solutions which are a key tool in the decarbonisation of decentralised energy’. Through the partnership we hosted a webinar to help organisations discover how low carbon hydrogen can fuel the UK’s journey to net zero and how organisations can begin their hydrogen journeys. 

This 45 minute online webinar covered:

  • Learn how 100% hydrogen CHP technology works
  • The steps towards a whole system approach to hydrogen
  • Talk through innovative and operational 100% hydrogen projects
  • Q&A discussion with the development and technology teams


Arno van Mourik, Director of International, Centrica Business Solutions

Tara Vyas, Senior Hydrogen and Renewables Analyst, Centrica 

Mark Holtmann, Managing Director, 2G Energy Ltd

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