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Energy technology could save the NHS £130m per year

Research published by Centrica Business Solutions has identified the opportunity for the NHS to achieve £130m of savings on annual energy spend, we also show how this could help to boost overall economic growth.

Publish date: 29th June 2018

Energy is vital to the operation of our National Health Service. Ensuring it is reliably available, used efficiently and priced competitively is essential. In this report, we argue that the healthcare sector need no longer see energy as an immovable cost.

As set out in the UK Government’s 2015 financial settlement for the NHS to 2020/21, the NHS needs to achieve almost £22 billion of savings by 2020.  With the NHS spending over £6.5 billion annually maintaining and running its estate and facilities, energy cost-reductions can make an important contribution.

Our report reviews what the impact would be if just 50% of the NHS adopted distributed energy solutions.  Our findings suggest that the NHS in England, for example, could reduce energy costs by £130 million per annum, enough to fund an extra 4,000 nursing roles across the country.

Jorge Pikunic, Managing Director at Centrica Business Solutions, said: “Energy could – and should – be a force for good for the NHS, helping to create financial efficiencies and unlock opportunities to make improvements in patient care. However, it needs more support and funding to modernise its hospital estates.  Energy technology has come a long way in the past few decades and the systems used by most hospitals across Britain can benefit from the latest energy efficient solutions and equipment.”

Download a full copy of our report here