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We help provide safer, healthier, and more productive higher and further education learning environments, while reducing carbon emissions and energy costs.

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The choice for higher education is similarly clear: act now, decarbonise using the suite of options and funds available, reach your own net zero targets; or wait for the impending government regulation that will force the decision.

We help universities and colleges to reduce their carbon emissions, while reducing energy costs and creating safer, healthier, and more productive learning environments for teachers and students alike. Our extensive experience in helping to solve the energy challenges in education ensures the maximum return on investments, increased efficiency and reduced carbon emissions.

Government initiatives to help schools, colleges and universities reach net zero

In 2011, the then Higher Education Funding Council for England (HEFCE) developed a carbon reduction strategy recommending a combined emissions reduction target of 43% by 2020. By 2020, just a third of universities were on track to meet this target1.

As a response to the slow uptake, the Emissions Reductions Pledge 2020 was introduced, setting out a framework to which universities specifically could adhere and pledge to reduce emissions as much as possible. Just five universities signed up to pledge a 40% reduction in emissions by 2020/21. The government has stated they will explore the possibility of pursuing more ambitious targets, and more stringent regulation is looking increasingly likely.

1. 2019 People and Planet University League and 2021 HESA Estates Management data

By implementing a range of energy efficiency upgrades, Marino College cut their carbon emissions by 50%

Energy solutions for higher and further education providers

We deliver a full range of technologies and services that help Higher and Further Education institutions to analyse, finance, install, operate and optimise energy. Combined with our whole building approach that encompasses fabric upgrades such as window replacements and roof and wall insulation, our solutions deliver cost efficiency, resilience and sustainability.
Distributed Energy Estate - Our solutions for the public sector

Delivery for the Public Sector

Find out how we work to meet your objectives.

We help the Public Sector assemble the right technology to achieve your economic and environmental goals – using our unique combination of full lifecycle support, flexible financing and end-to-end accountability.

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