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Types of Heat Pumps

Learn about the various types of heat pumps available and find the most suited to your needs.

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Our team assess the suitability of your site and makes recommendations on the best heat pump to meet your needs. Owing to the range of heat pumps we have available we can help you ensure you have the right heat pump. 

High Temperature heat pumps

The waste heat interface recovers useful heat from the site processes or CHP plant, and supplies this heat to the High Temperature heat pump.

The High Temperature heat pump upgrades the waste heat to a higher temperature which can be used in process, or to generate low pressure steam or high temperature hot water (up to 165°C).

Air Source heat pump

The Air Source heat pump supplies hot water to the site under most conditions.

The waste heat interface can also be used to recover waste heat from chillers (thereby reducing chiller electrical demand) and also to recover heat from waste water.

Ground Source heat pump

Thermal boreholes will act as the heat source for the heat pump, providing a year round reliable and predictable source of stable temperature heat.

The waste heat interface can be used to recover waste heat from chillers (thereby reducing chiller electricity demand) and also to recover heat from waste water, which can be stored in the ground during the hotter months for drawing off during the cooling months. This heat recovery loop can also be used to provide ‘free cooling’, which can significantly reducing chiller electricity demand.

Water Source heat pump

The Water Source may be a:

  • River
  • Lake / Reservoir
  • Waste water / sewer offtake
  • Aquifer (with appropriate licences)

The water source can be used to provide free cooling to the site, as well as a heat source for the Water Source heat pump.


Heat pumps can be combined with a number of other technologies such as CHP.