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Energy Insight

Manage your energy consumption, reduce spend and improve operational efficiency with real-time data.

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Operational efficiency and cost reduction have never been more important, making visibility into energy usage and the ability to proactively manage and control energy essential. The more you know about your energy, the better you can manage it. Our Energy Insight solution provides complete visibility into how your business uses energy – from the estate, down to device level.

Improve your business performance through data-driven decision-making that drives your energy strategy forward. Our Energy Insight solution gives you the intelligence you need to reduce power waste, improve operational efficiency, lower energy costs, identify opportunities to generate revenue, and create a comprehensive energy strategy based on your energy data.

Benefits for your business

  • Gain a comprehensive understanding of your entire energy estate with real-time, device-level monitoring.
  • Lower your electricity costs by proactively taking action when you identify inefficiencies and energy waste.
  • Maximise operational efficiencies and spend by modeling, benchmarking and managing energy consumption.
  • Reduce risk of equipment failure and ensure your business is ‘always on’ with predictive analytics.
  • Monitor heat and gas usage by integrating new or existing sensors.
3 weeks
ROI for a global leader of UV inkjet ink development and manufacture, who reduced their annual energy costs by £17,000
Reduction in energy consumption by a 164-acre satellite communications site that leveraged energy data collected from 165 sensors
Annual savings from a global building materials supplier through better understanding of their energy usage

Contact us to learn how you can use actionable insights from real energy data to form a comprehensive energy strategy.

How does Energy Insight work?

Why Centrica Business Solutions?

  • Simple implementation – our non-invasive sensors are easily installed and require no maintenance.
  • PowerRadar® – manage your entire energy footprint and solutions in a single platform for even greater control.
  • Experience and track record – we have global expertise delivering end-to-end solutions that drive your strategy.
More than 53,700 of our sensors are installed on customer sites worldwide
Our solution is installed on over 3,900 sites in more than 30 countries
Our sensors collect 14 billion data points each month worldwide

Use actionable insights from our Energy Insight solution to form a data-driven energy efficiency strategy that boosts your solar ROI.