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Supply Optimisation

Centrica Business Solutions brings together market-leading Demand Side Response (DSR) and experienced wholesale trading capabilities to deliver an innovative supply solution.

At Centrica Business Solutions, we are at the forefront of helping organisations across the UK find new, innovative ways to optimise their energy use; enabling them to save money, reduce carbon emissions and improve productivity.

This is why we have developed our new Supply Optimisation solution to help large energy consumers unlock greater performance by combining our supply, export, flexibility and trading into a holistic solution. By leveraging the core capabilities behind our industry-leading technologies and services, we provide automatic identification of market opportunities linked to frictionless trading, to deliver a new way of thinking about your supply contract.

Electricity import and export that is flexible to maximise cost reduction

Centrica’s new supply agreement for the import and export of electricity enables full access to the opportunities in the wholesale electricity market and the balancing mechanism, all with reduced management fees. In turn this gives you the power to choose when to consume or generate based on optimal market prices and lower overall energy cost.

Demand Side Response optimised through the award winning FlexTreo™ system

FlexTreo uses patented intelligent forecasting algorithms to predict opportunities in the balancing markets. So when the price of electricity is too high or too low, it will automatically dispatch flexible assets to capture value within the industrial boundary conditions you decide.

Energy trading through our experienced dedicated trading desks

Centrica provide access to a broad range of wholesale markets, tailored to your risk appetite:

  • Forward Purchase: Fix all, or part, of the price of electricity in month, quarter or season blocks
  • Day Ahead: Buy or sell linked to the N2EX or LEBA indices
  • Imbalance: Use flexibility to intentionally capture the value between your actual consumption and purchased volume

Centrica Business Solutions' Supply Optimisation tariff keeps you in control of your energy costs and gives your business access to valuable wholesale market opportunities, such as the Balancing Mechanism.

Supply Optimisation positions customers to access emerging wholesale market opportunities, such as the Balancing Mechanism.