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CHP operations and maintenance

Maximise energy savings and the longevity of your Combined Heat and Power (CHP) solution with our industry-leading service plans.

Deploying a Combined Heat and Power (CHP) unit on your site is an investment in your organisations competitive advantage and energy resilience. So it is important to partner with a company that ensures the reliability of your on-site energy generation.

Choose a service plan package along with a contract length that best suits you, or if you want to switch from an existing service partner to Centrica Business Solutions, we’ll make the transition as seamless and effortless as possible. Need a bespoke plan? Get in touch and we can help build a plan tailored to your specific needs.

Optimise performance and uptime

We help you realise the maximum benefit of your solution, ensuring optimal performance and control:

  • Round-the-clock remote monitoring of your CHP 
  • Real-time identification, diagnosis and fault fixing
  • Regular, periodic maintenance and inspection by expert engineers
  • Rapid reactive maintenance, including component replacement
Stay safe and compliant

We ensure the safety and quality of your solution; safeguarding your peace of mind and regulatory compliance:

  • Fully qualified and trained service engineers to optimise performance
  • Highest Health & Safety standards and Gas Safe accreditation
  • Ability to manage CHP Quality Assurance certification process
  • CHPQA support to access reduced rate Carbon Change Levy
Maximise efficiency and lifetime savings

We help you realise the full potential of your solution; maximising its lifespan, cost reduction and carbon savings potential:

  • Continuously assess ways to improve unit operation and efficiency
  • Enable greater visibility and control over CHP performance
  • Maintain your CHP in accordance with manufacturer guidelines 
  • Provide guidance on how to optimise usage and maximise savings
With over 30 years' O&M experience, we will keep your energy estate running optimally.
International service capability

We have the expertise to support your organisation with CHP operation and maintenance across Europe and the UK.

Why Centrica Business Solutions?

  • Dedicated account managers serve as your direct point of contact so you can get the best out of our service
  • Flexible service agreements give you the level of support you need – with clear and predictable pricing
  • Gather and analyse over 200 data points on the performance of your CHP, with advice on improvements
  • Clear and comprehensive insight and reports ensure you’re getting the best return on investment
  • Combination of knowledge and experience with the highest standard of after care service in the market
Dedicated field technicians supporting organisations in the UK.
Organisations we are supporting with O&M services in the UK.
Spare parts available for quick-dispatch from our warehouses.
Talk to our team about how we maximise and protect your CHP investment