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Battery Storage

Power business performance with sustainable, efficient and secure energy storage

Centrica Business Solutions has been leading the way in making battery storage solutions a reality for businesses across the UK. Our track record of delivery and deep involvement in building the foundations of the UK’s storage regulatory framework means we have the insight required to make your project a success today, and into the future.

We continue to pioneer the development of energy storage solutions that leverage the value of batteries for businesses wanting to secure site resilience, unlock revenue opportunities and enhance sustainable on-site generation.

Our energy storage systems are already delivering benefits to organisations and communities across the UK including construction of the world’s largest commercial storage facility at Roosecote (49MW), creating energy security for 3,000 homes in Gateshead Council (3MW) with the UK’s largest battery, and driving innovation through combining energy storage with blockchain as part of our Cornwall Local Energy Market project.

size of our market-leading storage project at Rooscote
Centrica sponsored the Institution of Engineering and Technology technical documentation on energy storage
size of the battery involved in our Cornwall LEM blockchain project

See how Battery Storage can help

Multi-purpose battery storage systems

A resilient source of energy for your business is crucial. You need to know that, whatever happens outside the gates, you’ve got the means to keep the lights on. More than ever business faces an increasingly volatile grid, where rising energy demand, limited site capacity and intermittent renewable generation make including Battery Storage as part of any sophisticated energy strategy important.

Our multi-purpose energy storage solutions are technology-agnostic, utilising Lithium-Ion or Flow Batteries depending on your requirements. Experts work with your organisation to design, install and maintain a robust and secure operational environment, enabling you to provide energy security and unlock opportunities to monetise flexibility to reduce costs or generate revenue.

An energy solution that backs your business

Battery storage systems from Centrica Business Solutions offer reliable secure power tailored to your specific requirements, that can unlock value and help you to create additional revenue. Our solutions can help you:

  • Ensure your site has an uninterruptable energy supply
  • Improve the performance of on-site renewable generation
  • Generate revenue from monetising flexibility

Deliver energy resilience for your business

Ensuring uninterruptable energy security for your site is of paramount importance, but as highlighted in our Resilience Report, the costs associated with power interruptions aren’t fully understood. Centrica Business Solutions understands the complexity and value of resilience to business, and how energy storage can create real operational and competitive advantages.


Estimate cost as % of revenue from a power interruption; actual vs predicted

Battery Storage from Centrica Business Solutions can power business security in the following ways:

  • Creating a bridge to backup that maintains energy supply while your backup generation comes online and takes over
  • Providing emergency energy for the safe shutdown of equipment, protecting your assets from damage
  • Establish uninterruptable power, so that your business can ride-out disruptions to supply and continue operations
  • Providing clean energy, so that your business is resilient to brownouts that might otherwise result in a cascading failure and production interruption

Boost renewable generation utilisation

Our Battery Storage solutions can also maximise your energy strategy by enabling more flexible and efficient usage on-site renewable generation, such as solar. In fact, our experience has shown that combining solar with batteries can on average improve usage by 30-40%, or even up to 300% in some cases.

By storing surplus renewable energy when, for example the sun is shining, you can utilise this power later, avoiding the need to consume more expensive power from the grid.

Unlock value for your business

Utilising Battery Storage from Centrica Business Solutions also gives you access to Demand Side Response markets, enabling potential new revenue streams of up to £200k per MW per year, and significant energy efficiency savings by for example avoiding TRIADs and limiting non-commodity costs.

Is Battery Storage right for you?

At Centrica Business Solutions, we take the complexity out of the design, delivery and operation of Battery Storage. Our storage experts, team of technicians and zero-CAPEX financing options give you access to a fully integrated and comprehensive energy solution that will protect your business, help you improve the efficiency of renewables and access the widest range of DSR opportunities to maximise value from your asset.

  • Install a solution using an energy partner with a proven track record of innovation and delivery across the globe
  • Protect your business in the event of supply failure, ensure you stay operational or shutdown equipment safely
  • Limit the need for enhanced grid connections and create an independent system by combining with on-site generation
  • Store on-site generation from CHPs or renewables and utilise this during peak periods to avoid TRIADs or price spikes
  • Utilise our patented DSR technology to maximise the revenue you can earn for assisting the grid to maintain stability
  • Improve the efficiency of on-site renewable assets using battery storage to even out peaks and troughs
  • Access zero-CAPEX financing solutions to support your storage business case and deliver greater value
average percentage revenue lost due to power interruptions
average improvement of solar when combined with a battery
our patented DSR technology can help you capture up to 52% more value from dynamic FFR