Nuclear power station and solar farm

Zero Carbon Electricity

Get Zero Carbon Electricity for your business as standard through British Gas

When you renew or start a new fixed term electricity contract with British Gas, you'll get Zero Carbon Electricity as standard for the full duration of your contract. Our Zero Carbon Electricity is backed by renewable energy sources and nuclear generation.

We provide Zero Carbon Electricity as standard, when you renew or start a new fixed-term electricity contract. If you use more than 150,000 kWh of gas or electricity, you could upgrade for an added premium to fully Renewable Electricity.

Why choose British Gas?
Tailored plans to fit your needs

We can deliver the simplicity of a Fixed Price Plan to give you budget certainty, or a more flexible approach to suit your business needs.

Better visibility and control

We offer a range of tools and platforms to help you better understand and manage your business energy usage, supporting your net zero goals.

Renewable energy
Range of renewable upgrades

We supply Zero Carbon Electricity as standard, backed by guarantee of origin certificates and nuclear generation, and offer 100% renewable electricity upgrade options to further support your sustainability credentials.

Helping to reduce your carbon footprint

Supporting your net zero journey

Nuclear and renewable energy generation produces 0g/kWh in CO2 emissions, helping to reduce your carbon footprint.

As customers increasingly focus on sustainability credentials when making buying decisions, a zero carbon electricity supply can help to demonstrate your commitment to the climate agenda.