Demand Side Response (DSR)

Generate revenue by supporting the grid balancing supply and demand with flexible energy.

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As we transition to a distributed energy system, the volatility of the grid is increasing. By supporting the national grid operator with flexibility from your generation or power consuming assets, your business can access financial incentives and create new value.

Demand Side Response (DSR) is powered by our in-house, industry-leading, cloud-based aggregation solution that acts as an alternative to a large physical power station. We manage an aggregate portfolio of flexible load, which allows us to offer more secure revenues and shield your flexibility from penalties. You can view and manage your DSR through PowerRadarTM, our integrated solution platform online or via the mobile app at any time.

Earn revenue from your energy with DSR

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Tap into your energy generating or consuming assets to create a guaranteed revenue stream for your business, which will allow you to turn a cost into a real business advantage.

Benefits for your business

  • Earn a guaranteed revenue while our expert optimisation team manage your assets and participation.
  • Access the full range of DSR in ancillary and wholesale markets, imbalance and TSO charges.
  • Leverage automation and aggregation to access more energy markets.
  • Utilise revenue stacking, advanced algorithms, and deep learning to monetise energy storage.
  • Securely monetise flexibility in your energy-intensive operations without disrupting operations.
of flexibility available to the grid from our industrial and commercial customers
more revenue using our automated technology and in-house algorithms
delivery record of flexible power to system operator
DSR allows businesses to increase resilience, reduce costs and generate new revenue streams.

How does Demand Side Response work?

Demand Side Response (DSR) allows organisations to find value in their flexible energy using, generating and storing assets and support the need for a smarter grid.

Our expert teams work with you to:

  • Understand the way your business works,
  • Define operational boundaries for all flexible assets and,
  • Implement a plan of action that maximises value, while ensuring your processes are not impacted.

We will then manage your assets in markets so that you don’t have to, and you’ll earn a guaranteed return as agreed at the start. All while operating safely within the barrier conditions as agreed with your business.

Enhanced visibility into your optimisation strategy with PowerRadar

Learn more about our industry-leading energy management software that brings the intelligence and visibility you need to understand and analyse your entire energy estate – and maximise revenue for your flexibility.


Why Centrica Business Solutions?

  • Unrivalled technology capabilities driven by our acquisition of REstore, a next-generation demand side response provider.
  • Guaranteed return as we manage your assets in market so you don’t need to choose markets in which to participate.
  • Stay in charge of your operations with solution controls that incorporate your industrial and operational boundaries.
  • Secure software connections that are ISO270001 compliant.
See how Demand Side Management can help your organisation to combat rising energy costs