Moving, trading and optimising energy

Integrated energy market trading and optimisation solutions from Centrica Energy Marketing & Trading.

Centrica Energy Marketing & Trading (EM&T), a part of Centrica plc, delivers innovative trading strategies for customers across the globe. Responsible for moving and trading in the gas and electricity markets across the UK, Europe and North America, our expert team understands what it takes to deliver smart energy management that supports your business.

Together with Centrica Business Solutions, EM&T offers a suite of energy trading and optimisation solutions for the most energy intensive businesses, as well as managed services for smaller energy users. Our specialism in mid-stream optimisation and risk management enables customers and counterparts to capture market opportunities and manage their exposure to volatile energy market prices more effectively.

Using round-the-clock strategic optimisation in physical energy markets and long-term structuring of financial energy markets we can ensure your business is risk-protected for all major energy market pricing challenges.


volume of EM&T-served decentralised assets
volume of generation connected to the markets via EM&T

Your asset is our business

EM&T assist professional generators and suppliers of gas, electricity and liquefied natural gas (LNG) in maximising the value of their assets, helping them to manage risks in the energy marketplace.

Our long-standing history of involvement in the energy markets, coupled with our experience as one of Europe’s leading optimisation and trading teams mean we can deliver sophisticated energy strategies that minimise your business risk and maximise your energy spend.

Our range of solutions and services can help any organisation:

  • Optimise your energy portfolio with route to market access for gas, electricity and LNG markets world-wide
  • Improve business performance with balancing and optimisation of assets operating in energy markets
  • Capture investment opportunities in renewable energy infrastructure, peaking plants, gas fired generation and flexible assets using Power Purchase Agreements
  • Mitigate risk with structured long term risk management strategies and financial products within physical and financial gas, electricity and LNG markets

Take advantage of our scale and capture the best market prices with flexible shipping and flowing of LNG, gas and electricity from terminals, storages and interconnectors.

The tools to deliver in real-time

EM&T is powering a new generation of energy asset management solutions using real-time modelling of market data and meteorological movements to automate trading of electricity generation and gas capacities.

The increasing influx of renewables and distributed intermitted energy systems offer customers the ability to access to systems that allow for high precision data management, planning and speed of execution to retrieve the maximum value from your energy assets.

Is Energy Marketing and Trading right for you?

Centrica Business Solutions knows the benefits the energy markets can deliver for your business. In conjunction with Energy Marketing and Trading we can make your energy strategy a success.

With Centrica, you have access to:

  • Our long history of experience in the markets means you have a partner that can deliver enhanced value
  • Security of service delivered by the UK’s largest energy supplier, managing complex energy strategies for our customers
  • Physical energy markets and short-term market optimisation in intraday and ancillary markets to maximise value
  • Innovative proprietary ‘Direct’ software and 24/7 trading services desk means you have control over your position
  • Enhanced financial energy markets and long-term risk management strategies using our pricing and structuring desks

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