How we deliver powerful energy insights

How we deliver powerful energy insights

Learn how we deliver a customised energy insights solution in just five simple steps, with minimal disruption to your business operations.
Energy Insight process: step 1
1. Assessment
Customise our energy insights solutions to your specific needs and energy strategy. Our solutions experts and support teams can help you define the solution that is best for your business.
Energy Insight process: step 2
2. Installation
Easily and quickly install our Panoramic Power™ wireless sensors to your equipment with minimal disruption to your operations. These sensors will IoT-enable your equipment once they are connected to the network. Our support teams are available to assist with installation should you require it.
Energy Insight process: step 3
3. Connection
Follow our simple guides to connect the sensor network and your 3rd party meters to your Wi-Fi (or cellular) network, enabling the secure transfer of real-time energy data from the sensors and meters to our integrated and interactive energy management platform, PowerRadar™.
Energy Insight process: step 4
4. Set up
Activate your complimentary subscription to PowerRadar, which will sit at the heart of your energy strategy. This cloud-based, secure software provides you with the flexibility to view and manage your energy from anywhere while retaining confidence that your data is secure. Create your account, share with your team, and ensure key performance indicators are in place.
Energy Insight process: step 5
5. Begin analysing your energy
Visualise your energy data within PowerRadar. Schedule reports, create real-time alerts, and view analytics to comprehensively understand your energy consumption, better manage your energy, and define savings and efficiency strategies. Data can also be exported from PowerRadar to other software for analysis.
Find out more about how our process delivers actionable energy insights that boost operational efficiency.

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