EV Enablement for Fleets

Build and deliver your long term EV strategy with our future-proofed package of connected infrastructure and software.

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The UK government is targeting 2030 for an end of new internal combustion vehicles (ICEs) sales, with the potential this will move forward to 2030. This gives businesses and fleet operators less than 10 years to make the transition to electric vehicles, creating urgency for fleets to have a clear strategy as vehicles are replaced over the next renewal cycle. 

Our solution for Fleets helps organisations save time and maximise efficiencies by addressing the operational implications relating to evolving national infrastructure, range restrictions along preferred routes and accurate reimbursement of driver energy costs; simplifying the transition with an integrated system for vehicles, infrastructure, energy and optimisation.

Switch your fleet to electric with with EV Enablement

Learn how to unlock the benefits of EV Enablement.

Watch our video and discover the power of emission-free fleets and how we can help you can make it a reality for your organisation. Our solution helps make the transition easier, faster and more cost-effective.   

Benefits for your business

  • Future-proof your EV strategy with an infrastructure growth plan delivers in the right place at the right price.
  • Deploy an integrated, driver friendly system for employees to charge at home, workplaces or public networks.
  • Ensure accurate reimbursement of driver energy costs with our in-house EV charging platform and app.
  • Access flexible financing to facilitate a long-term electric vehicle infrastructure strategy and minimise upfront costs.
  • Install on-site renewable solutions to overcome site constraints, ensure charging flexibility and generate revenue.

The UK government target date for the banning on internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles.

EV Benefit in Kind rate as of 2020, or £500 less tax per month than some ICE vehicles today.

Potential investment in EV by fleet owners and operators in the next two years.1

With 2030 already around the corner, switching to an electric fleet is a challenge for now. Learn more about how we can help in our eBook.
How does EV for Fleets work

Our experts will help you identify the opportunity, design a solution, install all components and maintain your infrastructure.

Centrica is moving its fleet of 12.5k vehicles to electric by 2028. Learn about our experience from Centrica's Fleet Manager Steve Winter.

Why Centrica Business Solutions?

  • Over 10 years' experience in working in the energy industry supporting the uptake of electric vehicles.
  • Highly experienced fleet team have been working on transitioning Centrica's own vehicles for over 8 years.
  • Single supplier and contact point including energy strategy, solutions, charging infrastructure and software.
  • Flexible financing options for infrastructure and access to investors with specific expertise in areas important to goals.
  • Experienced team providing maintenance of charge points and on-site generation solutions.
Charge points installed to date by Centrica's consumer and business divisions.
Field technicians and site engineers across Centrica worldwide.
Number of miles driven to date by our own electric vehicle fleet.

Source: Centrica Business Solutions survey of businesses, 2020. 

Delivering for your organisation

Find out how we work to meet your business objectives.

We can help your organisation transition to sustainable transport and future-proof your strategy, both economically and environmentally, with our unique combination of technology, full lifecycle support, flexible funding and end-to-end accountability.