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EV Charger Management and Driver App

Have complete control over charge point utilisation, energy usage and driver experience with our app and platform.

Our electric vehicle charging and site energy management software enables organisations to have complete control over their EV charging infrastructure. And in conjunction with our Driver App, provides a seamless experience for all users - with the level of support businesses need to make sustainable transport a reality for their organisation.

Our suite of integrated charging, on-site energy solution infrastructure and software will help your business manage charger to the plug-level, provide an at-a-glance overview of your entire setup, automatically manage energy use with intelligent software and provide insights, alerts and notifications for a range of metrics.

We are using our own technology to switch our fleet to EV; learn more in our interview with Centrica's Fleet Manager, Steve Winter.

Charger management

Status, Metrics & Faults
Check real-time status of your network, access a real-time snapshot of all charger and port faults and view their uptime performance.

Utilisation & Alerts
Receive alerts on charger status or defects, check hourly and daily utilisation, view CO₂ data, energy used, and earned revenue.

Reports & Notifications
Schedule, configure, and download customisable reports on individual charger and port level covering all metrics required for reporting.

Site energy management

Load Sharing
Ensure efficient charger use by setting maximum load limits for sharing of power between chargers, when use goes beyond its limit.

On-Site Storage & DERs
Easily integrate distributed energy solutions into charging systems, to minimise costs during peak demand, limiting grid utilisation.

Load Scheduling
Improve charging cost management by preventing or curtailing charge sessions during hours when the cost of electricity is expensive.

Driver app

Information, payment and reimbursement
Quickly setup an account, register a vehicle, add or amend contact information and setup payment and reimbursement details.

Vehicle and battery status
Receive alerts and view reports on vehicle status, track battery charge and make payments directly from the app.

Charger location and controls
Easily locate a nearby charger or plan an efficient route to one on the road, remotely start / stop charging and get alerts when complete.

Electric vehicle service privacy policy

End user terms and conditions

Realise your EV ambitions

Make a sustainable transport future a reality for your organisation.

Our global expertise and range of technologies delivers an end-to-end solution to help organisations make the transition to EV faster, simpler and more cost effective; whether you are looking to implement workplace charging, move your fleet to EV, roll out charging networks or deploy infrastructure for sustainable public transport.

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