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Energy efficiency solutions

We deliver infrastructure upgrades that can help you to eliminate waste and reduce energy consumption and costs, while future-proofing your site.

As you begin your decarbonisation journey, it’s important to assess the efficiency of your site, so you can ensure future technology investments deliver maximum value. That means eliminating energy waste across your site, through energy efficiency measures and commercial LED upgrades. It also means assessing your site’s requirements for electric vehicle infrastructure, to avoid future complications with power constraints.

Our range of solutions can help you to reduce your energy consumption and costs, whilst improving comfort and safety for your employees, and ensuring your infrastructure is future-proofed for the transition to electric vehicles.  

Why Centrica Business Solutions?

  • Capture detailed insight and analysis into your business with an end-to-end energy efficiency audit
  • Identify opportunities to immediately reduce energy spend, carbon emissions and boost  performance
  • Improve management of existing infrastructure and find out how new solutions can support your objectives
  • Simplify procurement of EV charging infrastructure with a single-supplier that ensures it all works together.