Power Generation

Turn your power generation assets into a valuable revenue stream

The world runs on power. As demand for it increases and new energy sources, such as renewables, are fed into the mix, the stability of the grid is affected, creating challenges for grid operators who need to provide a stable supply.

But these challenges also bring opportunities – those looking to participate in the capacity market and provide ‘off the shelf’ balancing services to support the grid can create new revenue streams for their business.

What is Power Generation?

Power Generation is power generating equipment used to supply electricity to the network during peak demand periods. You are then paid by the system operator for that electricity.

The generators can be installed at no cost to you, with all operation and maintenance also included in the contract. We can also aggregate the different elements of your project, ensuring you derive maximum profit from the process.

Our specialists can answer any questions about delivering Power Generation

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The benefits to your business

  • Create revenue by supporting the grid at peak times
  • Fast start-up for entry into response time-based markets
  • 1-50MW capacity through multiple engines offer flexibility and scalability
  • Single point of supply with end-to-end service – just add fuel
  • Best value, most efficient engines on the market